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Click the following link to view the DKJC dress code.

In addition to what not to wear as listed in the link above, here is a list of acceptable clothing (per Pastor Joan Evrist):

  • Sunday type clothes.

  • Nice jeans.

  • Nice shirts, plaid is fine.

  • Shirt over a T-shirt is fine as long as the T-shirt is plain.

  • Stay away from buckles on clothes.

  • Buckles on shoes/boots are fine.

  • Close-toed, close-heeled shoes (tennis shoes, loafers, etc.). Sandals are fine but must have a substantial back strap. No slip on shoes, no clogs or flip flops.  

  • To be safe with dresses, only wear long dresses or dresses with leggings. 

  • If you wear leggings make sure top or dress is at least just above the knee in length, or longer.

  • One earring per ear.

  • One ring per hand.

  • One watch. It cannot have any internet connection or data retention.

  • One belt. If you wear a belt you will have to take it off and put it through security.

  • You can wear a coat or a raincoat. If it rains, you can wear your hood or buy a plastic poncho from Walgreens or Walmart.

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