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 New Song Young Adults is a ministry that covers, connects, and equips young adults in New Song Nashville and throughout our city to help them get all they need to thrive in their current season of following Jesus.

Join New Song Young Adults to connect and serve together each month.
If you are age 18 (out of high school) through age 30, this ministr
y is for you! 


Throughout the year, New Song Young Adults meets at least once a month and helps young people engage with multiple kinds of gatherings. Throughout the year we’ll have Connect Gatherings to give young adults a place to build strong relationships. Connect Gatherings range from bonfires, special dinners, game nights, and more. We’ll also have FAQ Gatherings  (“Frequently Asked Questions”) that give young adults the opportunity to discuss the topics most relevant to them like relationships, marriage/family, finances, education, politics, career success, cultural issues, biblical worldview, and more. Finally, we’ll have a few very special gatherings each year called Dinner and Dialogue with PD to give our young adults time with New Song Nashville’s senior pastor and connect over a meal to get all kinds of wisdom and guidance for life from Pastor Dale.


Throughout the year, young adults will have opportunities to serve together in New Song and throughout the city of Nashville. Opportunities to serve will range from events like serving kids at Mission Family Nights in the summer to annual holiday outreaches like serving the needy at the Bridge to Christmas in the winter. We want to make sure young people have plenty of opportunities to serve and bless their local church family and their city.

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