N E W   S O N G    Y O U T H 

New Song Youth is where students in 7th-12th grade experience God in a radical way. Our heart is to see our teens trained up, raised up, and released into their full potential and calling in Christ. We are committed to disciple, mentor, and coach our students to Christ.




Check out our video below to see a recap of our 2019 Winter Retreat. 

YTH Winter Retreat 2020

Winter Retreat 2020 is 48 hours of worship, prayer, teaching, ministry, food, friends, and fun. It's all about students discovering God's plans for the year. We'll discover how we can reach up to God and pursue His plans for deeper relationship with Him this year. We'll discover how we can reach in to God's people, our families, and our friendships to serve and grow together this year. We'll discover how we can reach out to the lost and hurting around us with Jesus Christ's love and power in 2020 like never before.

YTH Winter Retreat Hoodies

We are excited to get the dates for next year's Mexico GO Team! If you are interested in this trip, let us know below! We will ensure that you get all important information to you!


Each Saturday Night, we meet together.

1 + 3  Saturday’s @ 5-8pm > Discipleship Groups (by sign-up only) /Worship + Ministry

2+ 4  Saturday’s @ 5-8pm > Leadership Teams (by sign-up only) / Worship + Teaching



Discipleship Groups are for every student. To participate, we require students and families to sign up and commit to a year-long discipleship process. In these groups, leaders will go through resource materials such as our new resource, “Following Jesus: A Disciple’s Handbook” with the students in their Discipleship Group.  Click here to find links to those materials. 


Want to be a part of a Discipleship Group?

Email Macey Fernandez at mfernandez@newsongnashville.com. Sign-ups happen once a year but in the case that you are new to New Song Youth or prior commitments change, we work to make sure you have opportunities to join in. 

[Sign-ups happen from August to August]


For students who have committed to being a part of a Discipleship Group, Leadership Teams are offered to them to be able to advance in and serve in New Song Youth. See below the team options and descriptions!



TEACH TEAM: Members of the TEACH TEAM will help to collaborate on the teachings for youth gatherings as well as helping to communicate those teaching from the platform. (Team led by Grant Ebright)

HYPE TEAM: Members of the HYPE TEAM will collaborate on the games and activities we do in our youth gatherings as well as “Youth Connect” times on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. They are responsible for helping New Song Youth build relationships through activities such as: DIY projects, sports, games, team competitions, and MORE! Team members will help to both plan and give leadership to these activities. (Team led by Ben Counts)

VIBE TEAM: Members of the VIBE TEAM will collaborate on creating contexts for all students who are a part of New Song Youth to feel at home. They will help plan out the configuration of the gathering room (set-up/tear-down), welcome all students to each gathering, prepare refreshments such as: coffee, snacks, dinner (when applicable), and MORE! The main goal for members of this team is to help all students to feel welcome and connected! The VIBE TEAM needs a great mixture of both guy and girl students! (Team led by Dezirae Counts)

VISUAL TEAM: Members of the VISUAL TEAM will collaborate on creative ways to visually represent the culture and life of New Song Youth. They will work on creating teaching graphics and slides, co-post (with leader supervision) to the youth Instagram page, take photos, create video, and MORE! Members of this team will learn how creativity through visual arts can adorn and strengthen the work of ministry. (Team led by Macey Fernandez)

WORSHIP TEAM: Members of the Worship Team are responsible for leading New Song Youth into worship and song through voice, instruments, sound, and projection. They will collaborate on worship sets, instrumentation, and will help to lead rehearsals for our gatherings each week.  Special Note: Students signing up for Worship Team can be involved in another team and are highly encouraged to do so. (This is due to the fact that the team will make every effort to not schedule students for both 1st and 3rd Saturdays so that on the Saturday they aren’t on worship team, they can be a part of another Leadership Team.)