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N E W   S O N G   K I D S


How are team members chosen to serve?


We take safety and security seriously at New Song Kids. We require all team members who serve in New Song Kids to meet the criteria below.

  • Must have attended New Song Nashville for at least 6-months and be a church member.

  • Must go through our application process which includes a written application, reference checks, a background check, and the reading and adhering of the policies and procedures outlined in the New Song Kids Ministry Handbook.

  • Must be a faithful and consistent attendee of New Song gatherings.

  • Must be an active member of a Life Group.

  • Must be willing to attend equipping and training sessions for New Song Kids team members.

Do you take children’s allergies into consideration?


 Yes! If your child has an allergy or medical situation we should be aware of please let us know as you sign them in. You can affix an allergy or medical sticker to your child which will keep us alerted to their unique allergy or need for your child(ren). At New Song Kids, we are a peanut-free facility so your child should not come in contact with peanut products while there. For other allergies, please follow the guidelines set out below:

  • Affix an allergy sticker to your child as they arrive each Sunday and write on the sticker your child’s particular allergy.

  • Let us know if you would like your child to receive the snack we are serving that day. See below for a listing of the snacks we offer per age group.

  • You are always welcome to bring your child their own snack as long as it is a peanut-free food product.

Snacks Offered


  • Infants, Toddlers, and Twos: Gluten Free Cheerios, sliced bananas, and water. This is served as directed by parents. We can also serve your child the snacks, formula, you bring as directed by you.

  • Preschool (ages 3 years to  Kindergarten): Gluten free Cheerios, sliced bananas, and water

  • Elementary (Grades 1 to 6): We endeavor to provide themed snacks each week to reinforce that day’s lesson. For example: Manna from Heaven could be popped popcorn. We strive to keep our snacks as healthy as possible. Please check in with us for that day’s snack selection. Rest assured, we always have a gluten free snack option of Cheerios and bananas available for any children that may have need and again all our snack options are always peanut-free.


Medical Concerns


We are not authorized to administer any medication to your child while at New Song Kids but, would be glad for parents to do so as needed.

If your child has a more extenuating medical condition, please talk with the Kids Pastor as you arrive where we will work out the best strategy to serve your family and keep them safe.

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