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Staying connected has never been easier!

Download the New Song Nashville mobile app today! 

STEP 1: Download the app. 

STEP 2: Create a profile in the app. 

  • In the upper lefthand side of the app, there will be a circle icon. Select that icon. 

  • From there, it will prompt you to type in your phone number. Once you have typed your number in, it will prompt a text with a code. Enter that code. 

  • Once you have completed that, follow the prompts within the app to customize your profile. (Name, photo, etc.)

STEP 3: Opt-in for push notifications. 

  • Select the settings icon on your profile in the upper lefthand corner. 

  • Under "Church Categories," select, "Notification Categories." 

  • Choose the categories in which you would like notifications.

  • Our featured category is the "Pray Now" category. This one allows us to get prayer requests out in real-time from our local and global partners as well as those within our New Song Nashville family. 

Need additional help? Let us know!

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon!

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