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SEPTEMBER 15-17, 2023 | New Song Christian Academy & New Song Kids are joining forces to bring a powerful, action-packed, and fun retreat to our students!


STEP ONE: Fill out the online Check-Out Liability Form. This form helps us to have a record of who we can anticipate to pick up your Fall Retreat student. This can be filled out prior to arrival. 

STEP TWO: Arrival & Check-In! The front lot will be sectioned off. Please park/drop off and have your student/s come to the Worship Center for Registration. 
STEP THREE: Come to the Registration Table and receive your Swag Bag (includes Fall Retreat Shirt, Journal, & Security Wristband)

For immediate assistance, click below to email Macey Fernandez, retreat administrator. 


If you would like to visit or need to drop by Fall Retreat for any reason and you are NOT a student who is already signed up or leader/volunteer, please send us a request to visit with the link below. This will help our security team know who to expect and when. Thank you! 




Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 9.49.11 AM.png

WHat should I pack?


  • Bible, journal, pen

  • Water Bottle

  • Optional: Snacks (NUT-FREE ONLY!)

  • Bring any needed medications to turn into the Nurse. 

    • We ask that you have medication remain in its original bottle and that the bottle be put in a clear plastic bag with the student's name labeled.

    • ALL MEDICATION (including over-the-counter drugs: Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc.) MUST BE GIVEN TO THE CAMP NURSE TO BE CHECKED IN UPON ARRIVAL.


  • Phones or Electronic Items

    • Upon arrival, any student who brought a phone or any form of electronic (iPad, Apple Watch, phone, tablet, gaming systems, etc.) will be asked to turn them in. We will have ziplock bags that we will clearly write their names on and will keep safe and locked up for the weekend. A good rule of thumb is to turn in anything with a screen. Fitbits and regular watches are allowed to stay with the student. Feel free to leave these items at home to avoid turning them in. If there is a medical exception, please let us know at

    • Contacting your student: At any time, you may email us at to reach the Retreat Administrator and they will get you in contact with the person you are looking for. If you have your students' youth leader contact, feel free to reach out that way as well. 

  • Weapons

    • Guns, knives, box cutters, matches, lighters, needles, etc. 

  • Items promoting illegal, or explicit content 

    • Including magazines/comics, books, clothing items, etc. 

  • Drugs, alcohol cigarettes 

    • Including vape pens, e-cigs, Juul, flasks, etc. 

If you are unsure about an item, contact us at  


New Song Nashville and Retreat leaders reserve the right to confiscate any items and/or send a student home if he or she does not comply with these guidelines.



  • What is the Check-Out Liability Form? 

    • By filling out this quick form, you are able to tell us who is dropping off your student and who they can expect to pick them up. This reinforces safety measures and adds a confirmation in communication of whose care the student is in. We use this information to cross-check as well that your student has arrived and has been picked up. Remember, this is ALL VIRTUAL and can be done before you leave the house to drop your student off or even day of at the registration table. We want this to be as quick and easy as possible for you as a parent/guardian. 

  • What is registration? 

    • Registration is the first thing your student will come and do once you have arrived at Fall Retreat. For the parent/guardian, if the Check-Out Liability Form has been completed, you can simply drop your student off and you are not needed at the time of registration. An exception to this would be if the parent/guardian wanted to give specific instructions to the Fall Retreat Admin Team regarding medication or some other note of care for the student. You can also achieve this by emailing us at and we will be sure to be in touch with you. At the time of registration, your student will walk up to the designated area in the foyer of the Worship Center (two-story building), tell the volunteer their name, receive their Swag Bag (with schedule, security wristband, journal for the weekend and Fall Retreat shirt) and then will have some hang time before our Kick-off Session! 

  • What if I want to contact my student? 

    • If you already have the contact information for your students' youth pastor/director, you can contact them directly. They can get you in touch with your student. You can also email us at or you can reach out to the Retreat Administrator to be directed to who you need to contact. 

  • Will the sessions be livestreamed? 

    • We are planning to do our best to make a Zoom link available so you can tune into sessions. Stay tuned for more information this weekend. 

  • What if my student needs to leave and come back to Fall Retreat? 

    • If you have an appointment that couldn’t be changed or another conflict and your student needs to leave early or arrive late, please email us at so that our Admin & Safety team can make a note of that. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to your Youth Pastor/Director or email us at

Click to email us below if you have any questions!

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