Please click the following tabs for information pertaining to being a volunteer at the Tennessee Prison for Women. For more information, please contact Joan Evrist ( or Ronda Waters (


Click the following link to view information regarding being a TPFW Volunteer.

Here is a list of what you can bring with you into the prison:

  • Driver’s license (If you don’t have one with you, you will not be allowed into the prison)
  • Bible
  • Car key (You are only allowed to bring in one car key – the rest of your keys must remain in your car)
  • Clear plastic sealed water bottle is fine
  • Umbrellas are now acceptable (Make sure they are small without a point at the end)
  • Clear plastic ponchos are acceptable (You will be asked to remove this as you go through security)

If you are a part of the worship team, here is what you can bring in addition to the list above:

  • Notebook with songs or music
  • Instrument
  • One cord, one peddle.
  • Take everything out of your guitar cases. *No tools.* They are looking for anything that can be used as a weapon, so to be safe just take everything out ahead of time. They will open up you guitar case and check everything. 
  • Remember, no electronic devices are allowed in the prison.

Click the following link to view TPFW Volunteer Procedures. 


Click the following link to view information regarding PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act).


Click the following link to view the TPFW dress code.

In addition to what not to wear as listed in the link above, here is a list of acceptable clothing (per Pastor Joan Evrist):

  • Sunday type clothes.
  • Nice jeans.
  • Nice shirts, plaid is fine.
  • Shirt over a T-shirt is fine as long as the T-shirt is plain.
  • Stay away from buckles on clothes.
  • Buckles on shoes/boots are fine.
  • Close-toed, close-heeled shoes (tennis shoes, loafers, etc.). Sandals are fine but must have a substantial back strap. No slip on shoes, no clogs or flip flops.  
  • To be safe with dresses, only wear long dresses or dresses with leggings. 
  • If you wear leggings make sure top or dress is at least just above the knee in length, or longer.
  • One earring per ear.
  • One ring per hand.
  • One watch. It cannot have any internet connection or data retention.
  • One belt. If you wear a belt you will have to take it off and put it through security.
  • You can wear a coat or a raincoat. If it rains, you can wear your hood or buy a plastic poncho from Walgreens or Walmart.