Our Pre-K kids are sweet little treasures. This is the perfect time to see if your family is called to homeschool.

When the kids are with us, they’ll be with their teacher all day in a loving learning environment that teaches godly principles. Our Pre-K kids have all turned 4 by July 1, and they will join K-1 for some very fun activities like feasts, festivals and special days. They’re working on their Pre-K skills with you at home while enjoying more practice while they’re with us.

They’ll learn through play and hands-on activities, and we’ll cover:

  • General Science
  • Basic History
  • Art and other common Pre-K concepts.

This is a great taste of blending the best of home education with private Christian education.

For more information please contact Dala Varni at (615) 376-6317 ext. 260 or

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