This has been a wonderful decade of reaching Neighbors, Nations, and Generations with the Good News of Jesus Christ’s love and power. We have seen King Jesus is glorified in the earth in an unparalleled way as we have served Him by serving the needs of people in our community, in our state, our nation and in our world. MissionTEN.9 is the final year of this “Decade of the King,” where New Song, through MissionTEN.9, is committed to going even further in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in the following areas:

Personal Evangelism
Job #1 for us is to get out into the harvest field of our community and lead lost people to Christ. God has called us to reach those within our reach by the declaration and demonstration of the Gospel of the Kingdom wherever we go and in whatever places God sends us. Paul teaches us in Romans 1:16-17 to not be ashamed of the gospel because “it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.” We believe God is calling us to share the gospel personally and powerfully with every person in our spheres of influence.  
Multiplication of Covenantal Communities
This is the heart of what we are doing to reach our city for Christ. Rather than being a come-to church, it is our goal to be a go-to church to more effectively and personally reach people where they are by multiplying covenantal communities the greater Nashville area so that the people of New Song are in their communities close to the needs, and are ready, willing and able to meet those needs. These covenantal communities include Life Groups, Equipping Groups, discipleship groups, and more. We believe this is our most effective way to get out and into the lives of the most people possible.
Community Partners

Community Partners are people with whom we have cut covenant and with whom we are going to serve the needs of the precious ones who live in our communities. We have made a commitment to serve and bless our community by establishing and strengthening covenantal relationships with local ministry partners. We believe it is vital to seek both to know the needs of our community and to meet those needs and in the process to share the life and light of Jesus Christ. To connect, partner and serve in your community, email us. To find out more about our Primary New Song Nashville Community Partners, please visit their websites:

To find out more about our other New Song Nashville Community Partners, please visit their websites:

Global Partners

God has given us global assignments with specific peoples and nations where we are to advance His Kingdom with His good news, love and power. In 2019, we will continue to specifically focus on five Strategic Global Assignments—Italy, India, Kenya, Mexico and Nepal—in addition to other projects locally and globally. To do this, we walk in covenant relationship with missionaries serving in these Strategic Global Assignments, and we are committed to helping them keep the resources they need to accomplish the tasks that God has given them.

To read more about our Global Partners, visit their webpages below:

Gospel Outreach (GO) Teams

We are called to make an indelible mark for the gospel as we partner with missionaries and ministries both locally and around the world by going and helping them strengthen ministry that is permanent and ongoing. We will send short-term GO Teams to strategic locations in response to the needs of our Local and Global Partners providing an opportunity for members of New Song to share the gospel of Jesus Christ around around the corner and around the globe. In so doing, we commit to putting our thumbprint, and thereby God’s thumbprint, everywhere we go as teams to impact the nations for His Kingdom. CLICK HERE to check out our teams for 2019! CLICK HERE to complete the Global GO Team application process.

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