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Following Jesus is a Bible-study handbook for anyone wanting to follow Jesus’ example of obedience to God by the truth of His Word and the power of His Spirit. Experience true discipleship by learning from those who knew Him best, loved Him most and put Him first. Discover the pattern Jesus and His earliest followers gave us–a lifelong path for pursuing dynamic discipleship, and helping others to do the same. Jesus taught His followers that seeing souls saved and disciples made was to be their reason for rising each day, leading to lives of high purpose, abundant fruit, overflowing joy and rich rewards. Deeply engaging Following Jesus will help this become a blessed reality in your life as well.



You’re just one click away from purchasing your copy of Following Jesus: A Disciple’s Handbook!

Following Jesus is an incredible tool because it lays out such a clear process. And, I love the amount of scripture throughout the resource. It opens God’s word and says, “This is how Jesus walked, and this is the same way that we are supposed to walk.” I’ve been a believer for numerous years and have grown up in the church, and yet I found that I had gaps in my life. But what became so clear in going through this resource is that being a disciple of Jesus means that I need to follow Jesus in everything that I do – step-by-step, every single day, every situation, moment-by-moment.


Following Jesus has been so impactful and life changing! It has helped me to build a solid foundation in the Lord and has shown me how my life should mirror Jesus’s life. In this season the Lord has pointed out selfishness and pride in my heart and I am choosing to apply these truths to my life daily, moment by moment. I grew up not really knowing what discipleship is, so now having this understanding and being able to grow into spiritual maturity has been so great. 


Through Following Jesus I’m being prepared for effective discipleship in the future as I solidify foundational elements of my faith and fill in some of the cracks that I have been discovering. It’s not that these scriptures are necessarily new to me or that I haven’t given them consideration before, but the way these lessons connect and weave them together is bringing continuity to my understanding of God’s Word that is unprecedented in my life. Now the idea of discipling someone else as a more wholly devoted follower of Jesus – with this resource, my Bible and the Holy Spirit – I can see that happening.


Following Jesus has really helped give me an outline of what it looks like to follow the commands that Jesus has given us. When I first came to Christ I didn’t know what it would look like to be a disciple, or what my next step would be. I knew I wanted to follow Jesus but I didn’t know where to go from there. This resource outlines clearly what the commands of Jesus are and how those can best be implemented in my life. 


Going through Following Jesus has been a freeing, empowering and transformative experience of learning what it is to truly be a disciple. This resource demystified what it means to be a fully devoted and obedient disciple of Christ by pointing to the definitions and examples given in the Bible. I am so thankful for the call being made clear so we can run with it! 


Each lesson of Following Jesus contains a holistic and purposeful breakdown of what an intimate life with Jesus looks like. This resource has been vital and strategic in equipping me to understand how and why believers are to engage in Jesus’ call to discipleship. Having gone through the material, my spiritual foundation is stronger than ever as I now have a basis and understanding of how Jesus is distinctly calling me to follow Him each day. 



You’re just one click away from purchasing your copy of Following Jesus: A Disciple’s Handbook!