A Resource for Meeting Daily and Deeply with God

The Daily Life Journal is a Bible-based resource for anyone desiring to meet daily and deeply with God in the Secret Place, a private and personal place set apart for prayer, praise, Bible study and journaling. Discover the unmatched joy of going deep and growing strong in your life of relational intimacy with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Experience how daily life in the Secret Place can powerfully impact every encounter you have with others in the Gathering Place and the Public Place.


All of us have been created on purpose for purpose – to know God intimately forever.

LESSON 1 | Welcome to the Secret Place

Encountering the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the Secret Place every day is not merely a religious ritual or rigorous routine. The Secret Place is a relational reality.

LESSON 2 | How to Use Your Daily Life Journal in the Secret Place

God’s Word is an inexhaustible source of daily wisdom and spiritual understanding.

LESSON 3 | How to Walk Through the Word in the Secret Place

Praying the Word and praying according to the Word are the soundest and surest ways to ensure that our praying is according to the will and ways of God.

LESSON 4 | How to Pray in the Secret Place

Beginning the day with praise sets the course for honoring God for everything and in everything.

LESSON 5 | How to Praise in the Secret Place

Creating a written record of the things God reveals to you in the Secret Place serves as a way to help you track your prophetic progress in growing in grace and revelational knowledge of God and His plans, purposes and promises for you.

LESSON 6 | How to Journal Your Journey in the Secret Place