Dan & Sheryl | Asia

Dan and Sheryl live in Asia with their four daughters. Dan & Sheryl’s work is to proclaim the Good News of the Son of God, raise-up faith community planters to establish vibrant worshiping communities of faith, to encourage, disciple and facilitate a culturally relevant expression of worship, and to bless the outcast, the orphans and the widows that God places within their reach. Their mission is threefold: Mercy, Mobilization and Media. They provide housing for widows and orphans, as well as education and discipleship for those in their care, while also doing medical and dental ministry for the poor. The second area of ministry is the raising up and releasing of workers into the harvest to plant churches in a variety of contexts. Thirdly, using a full service audio-visual studio, they create Gospel products for distribution in various Asian nations.


Dan & Sheryl are believing to see their Global Bootcamp students graduate and be released into leadership through the Naya Geet Network.

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