Brian & Renee Alex | Italy

The Alex family has been serving in Sicily since August 2013. After Brian and Renee met at Bible college in the mid-90s, they served for over 10 years in stateside vocational ministry, and then pastored in the northern European country of Estonia.

In 2008, they returned to New Song Nashville to begin preparation for their long-term mission in Sicily. The Alexes are global partners with United World Mission and are developing strategic in-country partnerships. Their vision is to create organic discipleship processes, train up local church planters to plant and partner with new churches, then to connect these churches to their own communities (a daunting task in Italy). Their simple “Disciple * Plant * Build” strategy will be lifelong pursuit through which the gospel will spread, lives will be transformed, and the Kingdom advanced throughout Sicily.

For more information, or to partner in prayer and financial support, please visit United World Mission or visit their website.


1. Pray for new Sicilians being discipled and added to faith communities that their roots would grow deep in their new faith in Christ.
2. Pray for the emerging generation being trained to disciple and lead that their hearts would continue to be teachable and they would be courageous in taking their God- given place.
3. Pray for the Alex Family to be fully funded, specifically for: new partners and ,churches.

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