Ashish & Kristin Thomas | India

With a successful business already established in India, Ashish and Kristin recently moved to Chennai in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Their business puts them in contact with educated and more affluent middle and upper managers of some huge companies. As they develop these relationships, they hope to see many come to Christ and develop a network of churches in various cities, that because of their affluence, can be discipled to fund mission work in poorer rural areas, establishing other networks of churches.


1. Counseling is HUGE need, and we believe it would serve the body of Christ as well as the community at large; many inside the church (as well as the community) are walking thru through difficult things, some very traumatic. Pray for God to both raise up and send us wise men and women who will help other find true healing, freedom and abundant life in Christ. 

2. Discipleship: Pray for new believers and all of us to keep growing with our roots deep and firmly planted in Him Christ and Him alone. 

3. Pray for deep friendships for our children.  This is great need! We are asking that God would give Isabella, Zander and Asha friends that love Him God and are similar in age.

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