Christmas is the time that we celebrate God becoming man in Christ Jesus. We
celebrate divinity taking on humanity in order to live a sinless life—a life that
satisfied the righteous requirements of a Holy God. Easter is the time we celebrate
the fact that Jesus did in fact live a holy and perfect life that He might become the
holy and perfect sacrifice in His death for all mankind. And that having died for
man’s sins, He rose from death to grant eternal and divine life to all who would turn
from self and put trusting faith in the true Savior.

With this in mind, let’s take a few moments and consider what the death of Jesus
and His resurrection unto glorious life accomplished for us all. Then, let’s confess
with our mouths how the death of Jesus redeemed us from all that had us held in a
grip of hopelessness, and how His life restored us unto the high, holy and eternal
purposes of God.

Because Jesus died, I am no longer:
Separated The sin that separated man from God was paid for in full because of Jesus’ sinless death. Because Jesus provided and paved the way back to God by laying down His sinless life on the Cross, you are no longer separated.

Condemned We are told time and again in the Scriptures that by Jesus being sentenced to death, our death sentence was rendered null and void. Because the guiltless Jesus suffered for the guilty, you are no longer condemned.

Afraid The fear of rejection, isolation and hopelessness was dealt with by the death of Christ Jesus. The Son made it possible for you to be accepted by the Father into the family of God. Because of this, you can declare that you are no longer afraid.

Accursed The curse of sin was taken away by the One who hung on the Tree of Life, the very Cross of Christ. All the blessings of God are now yours because you are no longer accursed.

Ashamed All of the shame that you have ever borne because of all the shameful things you have ever done has been removed and cast off because Jesus died in your place. Now consecrated and clean, you can proclaim that you are no longer ashamed.

Bound The bondage of sin and death has been broken through the blood of Heaven’s Lamb offered for you. With the chains that held you broken and the change that freedom brings, you can gladly shout that you are no longer bound.

Oppressed Every demonic principality and power has been defeated and triumphed over because Jesus died on the conquering Cross. All satanic influence and impact must now loose their hold for you are no longer oppressed.

Because Jesus lives, I am:
Reconciled Separated no longer, you have been bought back and brought back to God the Father through Jesus the Son. Because the Crucified Jesus died and the Resurrected Jesus lives, you are reconciled eternally.

Justified Condemned no longer, you now stand righteous before God. Because Jesus ever lives as the Resurrected and Righteous One, you are justified completely.

Confident Afraid no longer, you can now live confidently and courageously. Because the Resurrected Jesus has conquered every fearful thing, you can declare that you are confident fully.

Blessed Accursed no longer, you can now be the glad and grateful recipient of all the blessings of heaven. Because Jesus broke the curse of sin and death, you are blessed abundantly.

Accepted Ashamed no longer, you can now live in serenity in your soul, knowing that your acceptance before God is sure and without question. Because Jesus, as the Crucified Savior and Resurrected Lord removed shame forever, you are accepted completely.

Freed Bound no longer, you are free to move and minister, unchained and unhindered. Because the Crucified and Resurrected Jesus broke every chain that held men captive, you are freed entirely.

Delivered Oppressed no longer, every demonic principality and power that seeks to stand against you has been defeated and neutralized. Because Jesus put them to an open shame on the cross and through the empty tomb, you are delivered triumphally.

Remember: Because Jesus died as the Crucified Lord and Christ, and because Jesus lives as the Righteous and Resurrected Lord and King, you and I can boldly and confidently declare that we are no longer lost and without hope, but are now the
redeemed, restored, righteous and resurrected people of God.