Thank you for your prayers during this time of rest, recovery and revelation. The
rest has been necessary and nourishing. The recovery has been a process of
rediscovering the incredible worth and value of all the blessings, small and great,
that God has deposited in our lives (the person and presence of Jesus that is deeply
and profoundly sustaining, purpose that is high and heavenly, people who are loving
and loyal, and peace which flows and feeds the soul). The revelation through prayer,
meditation, reading and listening and looking intently to the Spirit has produced
clarity and confidence for an unprecedented future of fruitfulness for the gospel. So
again, thank you for this gift and your partnership in grace.

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus issues a clarion call for the spiritually, mentally,
emotionally and physically worn and weary to discover true and abiding rest in Him
and through Him. I have been meditating on these verses, and I would like to share
some thoughts for your consideration.

Come To Me The Lord always and ultimately called people to Himself. He didn’t tell people that He simply knew the way, would speak the truth and point to life. He said that He was the way, the truth and the life. It was in being inextricably and intimately joined to Him that everything they were searching for or would ever need would be found.

All you who labor and are heavy laden In the Greek these words mean, “those who have labored to the point of exhaustion, and those who have had heavy burdens laid on them by others.” They were working in their own strength as a way of life and it had wearied and wasted their souls. They had been erroneously taught by the religious leaders of the day that this was theirs to do and carry. Consequently, they were exhausted spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I will give you rest Jesus came offering rest—rest that would be found in being joined in an abiding fellowship with Him. The structure in Greek reveals that this rest is a “perpetual release of refreshment and renewal provided by another.” The source of this rest was the Savior sent to undo heavy burdens by unlocking and unveiling heavens plan and provision for perpetual peace. Can you imagine how freeing and welcomed these words were?

Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me This was not a call to inactivity, but rather inspired activity that was infused with the life and leadership of the Lord Jesus. They were to be yoked, or joined to Jesus in order to learn from Him, not of Him. Jesus was calling all men to abide and remain in a constant fellowship and followership with Him.

I am gentle and lowly in heart Jesus was telling the people that He was always open and receptive to the will of the Father through the work of the Spirit. So those yoked with Him would learn to be receptive to all that God had planned for their lives.

They would learn to humbly submit themselves to the purposes and power of God. As they linked themselves to the life of the Son, following His example of submission and obedience to will of the Father, they would find their divine destiny in God’s eternal design.

You will find rest for your souls Remember this rest is a “perpetual release of refreshment and renewal provided by another.” Rest for the soul—what a blessed promise and possession. Rest for the spirit—divinely made alive and new. Rest for the mind—renewed by divine truth. Rest for the emotions—restored by divine faith, hope and love. Rest for the body—reinvigorated by divine strength.

My yoke is easy and my burden is light The word easy in Greek means “that which is well-fitting, profitable and useful.” Jesus was telling the people that His yoke did not chafe and frustrate, but rather changed and freed one to be what God had always intended for them to be.

I trust that as you have been reading these words they are coming alive to you in a poignant and powerful way. Everyday, as I go to the secret place to have coffee and communion with Jesus, I am freshly reminding myself of my Lord’s clarion call to find rest for my soul. I invite and call you to do the same. Peace and rest for our souls is part of our divine inheritance in Christ. When we know that we are joined with Jesus in living out the will of God for our lives, we can live being internally in a posture of rest and repose. My friends, the storms of life may rage around us, but the stillness of His life can reign within us.