As we have entered 2018, we are taking this first month of January to freshly revisit our New Song Nashville mission, vision and ministry values, as we pursue another year on Knowing God and Knowing Others. This will help us to not only revisit, but also to help us to recast a clear sense of prophetic assignment in what God has called us to personally and as a people gathered to encourage and equip one another, in
order to be a people distributed to the communities we live in and serve.

This week, we are focusing on what it means to Reach In To One Another—being a people who make disciples, develop leaders and multiply covenantal communities. For in reaching in to one another, we become a cohesive community, who are both connected and bonded to a common cause in mission and ministry—well able to minister the love and power of Jesus Christ to neighbors, nations and generations.

Through The Ministry of Making Disciples Leading people to faith in Christ and going on to maturity in fellowship, followership and friendship with Him must be our highest priority. We are called as devoted disciples to make devoted disciples, either as parents, pastors or partners in communicating the gospel and committing ourselves to the process of helping people to go on with God. Following Christ means that we fully embrace who He is and all and everyone He teaches and touches—everything and everyone that He is committed to. Every generation of true believers must pass His transformational truths on to the next generation. Making disciples must not be hurried or haphazard—but rather intentional and deeply involved. Let’s pray that making true followers of Jesus would be our highest call and commitment.

Through The Ministry of Developing Leaders Everyone will lead someone—either as a parent, pastor or partner. We are always called to develop the next generation of emerging leaders who will influence and impact those they engage and empower as future generations. Our call is to develop people who develop people. Whatever the context, we are called to foster an environment for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and learning the word, will and ways of God. The next generation will always be the product of the previous generation—we must take this responsibility soberly and seriously. Let’s pray that God would give us His heart and hope for the next generation of emerging leaders.

Through The Ministry of Multiplying Covenantal Communities Covenantal communities are groupings of people who have promised to give their best and most blessed resources to those they are connected to. These could be families, churches, Life Groups or any collection of committed people—those who have declared their devotion to serve one another—no matter what. The Bible is a book committed to the concept that communities exist to serve the needs of every person who is committed to the community. If you live in community, there is always a sense of mutual commitment to a people who have covenanted to care for one another. A covenant is a promise with a purpose and a power—a promise to serve for the purpose of the common good by the power of the common purpose and the power by the Holy Spirit. This is our call, as we reach in to the body of Christ for a common cause and the common good. Let’s pray that the multiplication of ministers and ministries would grip our hearts with a sense of unity and urgency.

Remember: As we reach up to God and in to one another, we will have the passion and power we need to reach out to the world with influence and impact.