Coming into 2018, we are taking the of January to freshly revisit our New Song
Nashville mission, vision and ministry values as we pursue another year of Knowing God and Knowing Others. We want to recast a clear sense of prophetic assignment for what God has called us to personally and as a people gathered to encourage and equip one another in order to then be a people distributed to the communities we live in and serve.

It is with this worthy and worshipful pursuit in mind that we come to this month’s theme: Clear Vision—Clear Values, as we freshly focus on who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it—all for the glory of God and the good of all He has
called us to effectively serve.

Reach Up to God Through the Ministries of Prayer and Praise King David, in Psalm 5,
declared that it was his daily commitment to look up, and thus reach up to the
source of his strength and divine guidance—none other than the Lord Himself. This
was not a mere exercise or endeavor in currying favor with a divine being who
could serve his purposes but, rather, to cultivate an authentic relationship with the
God he loved and served. David was a man who prayed diligently and desperately—and praised lovingly and lavishly. And so it has always been for those who have seen themselves as priests and partners in seeing the purposes of God accomplished in the earth—this is who we are and what we do. Why do we do it? Because God is worthy, and we are completely dependent on Him for everything that has to do with our identity in Him and our influence and impact for Him. How do we do it? By the truth of God’s Word on how to approach a loving and holy God and the life and leading of God’s Spirit to grace and guide us. Everyday we come before God our Father and Jesus our Lord in the secret place, the gathering place and the public place, serving as priests of prayer and praise wherever we go. Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit would open our eyes anew to see our role as priests of prayer and praise.

Reach In to One Another Through the Ministries of Making Disciples, Developing
Leaders and Multiplying Covenantal Communities Our Lord’s Great and Supreme Commission has never been reduced or rescinded: lead lost people to Christ and take them on to spiritual maturity in Him. This is what the life of the Apostle Paul was concerned with and concentrated on. He actually wrote that he would be a most miserable man if he didn’t respond to God’s call to preach the gospel, make disciples and prepare others to do the same. Paul gave his life to making disciples, developing future leaders and multiplying covenantal communities, whether they were new city churches or home groups, what we call Life Groups. Just think about Timothy, Titus, Silas and Luke. Think Ephesus, Philippi, Thessalonica and the churches in Galatia. Think about the churches in the homes of Phoebe, Lydia, and Aquila and Priscilla. This way of life is not isolated to or individually a characteristic of Paul. This is to be all of our conduct in life. This is who we are and what we do. Why do we do it? Because people and the future of the church are that important. How do we do it? By
investing our lives in others through time and truth embedded in the hearts of
precious people in need of devoted discipleship. This is our call and this must be our daily commitment. Let’s pray for an increased passion to lay our lives down for
discipleship, mentoring and multiplication.

Reach Out to the World Through the Ministries of Evangelism, Compassion and Justice no one ever embodied these ministry values better than Jesus our Lord. Everywhere He went, He preached God’s good news, did God’s good works and brought righteousness and justice where unrighteousness and injustice had prevailed. When He saw the multitudes infirmed, ignored and oppressed, He was moved with compassion and ministered in mercy and might. In Christ Jesus, God our Father reached out to the world with love and life to release those held captive by sin’s grip and reconcile and restore them to Himself. As Christ’s ministers of redemption, it is our task to bring good news and good works wherever we go. Why do we do it? Because God the Father’s goodness and glory demand it. How do we do it? By going to the least and the lowest, the broken and the bound, the outcast and the oppressed with the good news of Jesus Christ’s love and power. Let’s pray that this new year would bring our greatest year of gospel influence and impact.

Remember: As New Song Nashville has a clear and fresh sense of mission, vision and
ministry values, we will be positioned and empowered for a tremendous year of
influence and impact for the King and the kingdom.