Ted Vail – Director of Foursquare Missions International and vice president of global operations

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. As a fruit, that means seeds must be planted. Those seeds take time to grow, and waiting is involved until the fruit is ready to eat. Ironically, I find that when I’m struggling to wait on the Lord, it’s often He who has been waiting on me. One of the best ways to grow seeds of patience in our lives is to consider the Lord and His patience toward us.

Isaiah 40:31 describes an active kind of waiting, like a waiter in a restaurant, one who is attentive and ready to respond at any moment. Imagine if we viewed waiting on the Lord as an act of obedience, ready for whatever He has for us next. This heart of readiness to obey allows the seeds of patience to grow into the fruit of the patient person God has called you to be.


• Ask the Lord to teach you to wait on Him.

• Ask if He’s waiting on you for anything, and for the courage to obey.

• Ask Him to raise the fruit of patience in you, and that you will be patient with others as He is patient with us.