Glenn Burris, Jr. – President of The Foursquare Church (U.S.)

Everybody likes a good love story—it’s one of the reasons the Hallmark Channel exists. When Paul wrote about love to the believers in Corinth, their understanding of love consisted of shallow, self-serving eros love and brotherly, helpful phileo love. Paul introduced them to agape love: complete, sacrificial, pure and lasting.

This new love is free, unearned and available to anyone. Agape comes from the heart of God. And He gives it away without cost, through anyone who will host His presence. Make room for God today. He wants to love this broken world through you with a selfless, sacrificial kind of love

Accepting and being a host of that love, you will experience a completeness like never before. It’s not a love you can generate on your own; it’s a fruit that only grows on one kind of tree—the fruit of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit. It’s the best love story there ever was, and anyone who partakes will live happily ever after.


• Pray for a heart big enough to love everyone God brings into your life with an agape love.

• Pray for the hearts of those God places in your life to be open to God’s great love.

• Pray for eyes to see and the ability to accept selfless love in your own life, knowing it comes

from the Lord.