As we approach the beginning of a new year, it’s a good time to pray into a fresh release of spiritual resources that can help us to enter into a new season of resolve, and potentially an unprecedented season of awakening and revival. For, as always, if we pursue that which is nearest and dearest to God’s heart, we can be assured that our petitions will become our possessions.

According to I Corinthians 13:13, there are three virtues that we are to remain rooted and grounded in to maximize our potential for spiritual fruitfulness and fullness: Faith—Hope—Love.

Faith is an absolute belief in God’s endless and eternal person, passion and power to fulfill every promise He has made to His beloved children. If we lose faith, we become skeptical concerning God’s word, will and ways. When we steward and strengthen faith, skepticism evaporates and a serene and steady confidence emerges, providing proof for things that yet remain unseen with  uman sight, but are clearly seen by the spiritual sight of true believers. Let’s pray that as we walk by the word and the Spirit, our faith will be stronger and more steadfast than ever.

Hope is a settled confidence concerning a certain future in God’s sovereign plans and purposes. If we lose hope, we become cynical, doubting that the days ahead will hold something dynamically different—something greater than anything we have known before. When we hold onto hope, we face our future with a sense of anticipation that God is always moving us toward an ever-brightening new day in Him. Let’s pray that hope will anchor our souls in a sure and serene shalom—an inner sense of well-being and wonder.

Love is a compassionate commitment to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to care for and serve fully the one in need of love. This love originates in the heart of God and is received and released by those who are the objects of His love—redeemed people who have opened to Him by grace through faith. If we lose love, we become critical of everyone and everything—forfeiting our prophetic potential to be ministers of God’s passion and power to believers and unbelievers alike. When we choose to daily receive and release the gracious gift of God’s love, we become a never-ending source of blessing to those over us in leadership, next to us in partnership and under us in stewardship. Let’s pray that in our lives, love will last and never fail.

Remember: A fresh release of faith, hope and love must be believed in and trusted for if we are to move into a new year and a new season of unprecedented opportunities for personal and collective impact and influence.