As we are moving through the Christmas season, we are bringing a series of messages on how Christ’s birth revealed the gracious gifts of God that were to be bestowed on people everywhere, for all time. These messages are leading toward our annual presentation of the Gifts We Bring on Christmas Eve. We are believing that the more we know about the birth of our Savior, the more the fullness of God’s
gifts will be birthed in us.

We have talked about the Birth and Gift of God’s Presence and Person and The Birth and Gift of God’s Passion and Power, recognizing that when Jesus came to earth, He came in the presence and person of God, as well as the passion and power of God, so that God’s purposes and plans for mankind to be reconciled and restored might be realized.

This week, we are dealing with the birth and gift of God’s peace and prosperity. In Hebrew, the word for peace in Isaiah’s prophecy concerning Jesus is the word shalom (Is. 9:6-7), where Jesus is named the Prince of Peace. True biblical shalom refers to an inward sense of completeness and wholeness. Though it can describe an absence of conflict, most biblical references refer to it as an inner sense of tranquility and well-being. When Jews greet each other or bid goodbye, they say, “shalom.” In so doing they are literally saying, “May you be full of well-being” or, “May health and prosperity be upon you.”

It is with this concept in mind, that we look at the birth and great gift of God’s peace and prosperity, released through the righteous Son who was given so that all men might be completely made whole and live in the fullness of God’s life.

Peace And Prosperity For The Spirit The Prince of Peace provided peace and prosperity for our spirits as the Spirit of God enabled us to be spiritually brought near to God through the offering of Jesus the Son, as He became our peace through the offering of Himself in death. He came to make us well and keep us well spiritually. It was His intention to supply spiritual health to all people and to keep them vital and victorious, growing in grace each and every day

Peace And Prosperity For The Soul The Prince of Peace provided peace and prosperity for our minds, emotions and will. Our minds could now be filled with transformational truth, feeding our emotions with thoughts of a blessed heavenly reality, producing a blessed inner tranquility. By this, our will is moved and motivated to be conformed to His will through a sense of confident peace in His perfect plans for our lives. God’s shalom for our souls is a sense of constant well- being through the work of the Prince who provided God’s peace.

Peace And Prosperity For The Body The Prince of Peace is also the Prince of Power. The shalom that he provides ministers the whole gospel to the whole man, including healing and health that enables us to fulfill His mission as a strong and sturdy missional force. Although all of us experience the impact of living in a fallen world in an earthly body, it is so encouraging to know that God’s shalom touches our physical lives in profound and powerful ways.

Remember: Jesus, the Prince of Peace provided God’s heavenly shalom to earth to produce and provide a wealth of well-being – spirit, soul and body – making us a people fit the Master’s mission, full of God’s peace and goodwill toward redeemed mankind.