“The Birth and Gift of God’s Passion and Power” 

As we have come into the Christmas season, we are bringing a series of messages on
how Christ’s birth revealed the gracious gifts of God that were to be bestowed on
people everywhere, for all time. These messages will lead us toward our annual
presentation of The Gifts We Bring on Christmas Eve. We are believing that the more
we know about the birth of our Savior, the more the fullness of God’s gifts we will be
birthed in us.
This week, we are giving attention to the Father’s passion to send His Son as our
Savior, the power He expressed through His plan of salvation, and the person of God
becoming man which provided the fulfillment of all of God’s promises—promises to
bring people back to Himself and onto the fullness of His purposes for them.

The Passion To Pay Any Price True passion has to do with sacrifice and suffering—a willingness to pay any price for a worthy pursuit and a righteous cause. God our Father deemed the sacrifice and suffering of our Savior to be a worthy pursuit and a righteous cause—nothing less than the redemption, reconciliation and restoration of lost and sinful mankind. The Father sacrificed and suffered in the giving of His only begotten Son. The Son sacrificed and suffered in leaving heaven, coming to earth and laying down His life as salvation’s price and provision. The Father’s commitment to redeem and restore man to His originally intended purpose was an act of passion beyond measure—and an act of love without limit for a world hopeless and helpless. No wonder Jesus said that God loved the world in a manner no one could have imagined. Let’s pray that the Father’s passion to seek and save the lost would be ours each and every day.

The Power Able To Overcome Any Enemy The Gift of the Son and Savior was an expression of passion—the grace of the Father through His Son was an expression of power. Through the gift of the sinless Son, the Father unleashed power to conquer Satan, sin, death, hell and the grave. The price that had to be paid was matched by the Father’s ability to release the resources to pay that price—the sinless life of the Son, Christ Jesus. As we have said, it is one thing to be willing but not able. And it would be another thing to be able but not willing. But is quite another thing to be both willing and able, which God was by His great grace through the child who was born and the Son who was given. Let’s pray that the power of God would overcome and defeat every enemy of His purposes and plans.

The Person Able To Fulfill Every Promise The prophets foretold the coming of a divine person who would bring about the fulfillment of every promise of God’s plan of salvation. That person was Jesus Christ of Nazareth—conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, sent by God the Father to make all things new. It has always been

God’s plan to give gifts to people, and then make gifts of people that the needs of all people would be met. The consummation of that plan was fulfilled in the Father’s gift of the eternal Son. And through the Son, every person receives gifts that then are to be released back to God and into the lives of others. When we put our faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ, we not only receive the gifts of God’s grace, but we receive the ability to release those gifts of grace for the glory of God and good of man. Let’s pray that God’s people would be freshly aware of the need to trust God and cling to the promises He has made to His beloved children.

Remember: The Father’s passion and power provided the person who could save us
from our sins and restore us as beloved sons and daughters, filled with passion and
power to release every spiritual blessing we have received.