“The Birth and Gift of God’s Presence and Person” As we come into the Christmas season, we are beginning a series of messages on how Christ’s birth revealed the gracious gifts of God that were to be bestowed on people everywhere, for all time. These messages will lead us to our annual presentation of The Gifts We Bring on Christmas Eve. We are believing that the more we know about the birth of our Savior, the more the fullness of God’s gifts will be birthed in us.

Unto that end, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovering the depths of
God’s devotion to us in the advent of the Father’s amazing plan of redemption,
renewal and restoration in the presence, person and purpose seen and secured in
the face of Jesus, God come to live among men as Savior and Lord.

We believe that this journey will become an important capstone for this Year of Light
and Knowing. May God open our eyes more fully to the revelation of His gifts to us
and how we can respond to these gifts with the gifts that we bring and give to Him.

God’s presence came to dwell among all men. God’s desire was always to have His presence abide continually with mankind. Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden diverted God’s desire for a time. But from the beginning, God always had a plan for redemption, restoration and renewal. He was committed to providing His ongoing presence through the coming of His Son to dwell among all men for all time.

God’s person came to dwell among all men. Jesus came to earth as Immanuel—God dwelling with all people for all time. He didn’t just come with His spiritual presence, but with a personal visitation that would redeem mankind and enable them to relate to God personally and powerfully. Jesus came as the Son of God and the Son of Man—a child was born in His humanity and a Son was given in His divinity. God became man in Jesus Christ. This was not only a gift of help and healing—but a gift of God Himself—individually and intimately.

God’s purpose came to dwell among all men. Jesus brought the grace, greatness and goodness of God’s divine plan and purpose for everyone, everywhere. Our God and Father is a good Father who longs and lives to give good gifts to all who will look to Him by faith’s perspectives and posture to receive the fullness of His benevolent blessings. God’s divine purpose is one of truth and transformation—enabling all those who are willing to be conformed into the image of His Son—the One sent to explain the Father and express His love, light and life. The Eternal Son brought the eternal purpose and plan of the Eternal Father who desires all men to be saved, strengthened and sustained forever.

Remember: The birth of Christ Jesus brought the presence and person of God to a helpless and hopeless world in need of understanding God’s purpose and plan to redeem all people to Himself.