In this year of Knowing God and Knowing Others, we are currently focusing on knowing Jesus    Our Lord. Our God is one God in three persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is vitally            important that we understand the person and work of each member of the Godhead—and in this vital understanding, that we embrace and engage each member particularly and powerfully.

 In our focus on Jesus our Lord, we have focused on His humanity—as our life-example and our life-giver. He is the one who models what a life that pleases God the Father looks like and the One who makes a way for those who follow Him to do the same.

 We have also focused on His divinity—fully God and fully man, enabling His followers to become partakers of His divine nature. He has given us a pattern to follow and a path to walk. The Scriptures tell us that we are not only called to identify with Jesus in His humanity, but also in His divinity. Jesus was and is the Lord that brings divinity to humanity and leads humanity and leads humanity to share in His divinity—not as co-equals, but as joint-heirs in all that He brought to us and provided for us.

 This week, we are focusing on Jesus as Lord In His Royalty, the King of Kings who came to earth to establish a spiritual kingdom that mankind could respond to, receive, and release by faith and loving obedience to the King and the kingdom. He came as the royal seed of David and the royal Son of God. He came in royal honor, endowed with royal authority, releasing royal power. When we know Jesus our Lord as King, we can make this King and the authority and power of His kingdom known to all men, everywhere.

 Royal Honor In Hebrew and Greek the words for honor have to do with weight and worth. Jesus, as the King of all kings, is worthy to receive the measure that His majesty demands. He is to be honored above all, for His weight and worth is above all. And as we commit ourselves to honor Him for all He’s worth, it is His good pleasure to allow us to share in His honor, enabling us to live lives of worth and weight—lives that are honoring and honorable. Then we share that honor with one another, acknowledging each believer’s divine position in a dynamic interdependence.

 Royal Authority Jesus came to bring the royal authority of heaven to bear on earth. He had both the legal right to rule and the lethal power to destroy the works of demonic darkness—and destroy them He did. Matthew records that when Jesus healed a man whom demons had rendered blind and mute, He told those gathered that it happened by the Spirit of God and that the kingdom of God had broken in and bound every person and power that tried to resist Him (Matt. 12:22-30). Jesus told His followers that the same keys – the right of divine entry into the spiritual realm of authority – were theirs, as they believed on Him and recognized Him as their Sovereign Lord (Matt. 16:13-20).

 Royal Power Jesus brought the mighty and manifest power of God to be expressed and experienced among men. As the supreme ruler over all, empowered with the Holy Spirit and having the armies of heaven at His beck and call, there was nothing He couldn’t do to fulfill His divine mission. Everything Jesus did, whether lifting up and loosing human lives, or laying down His own life to save men forever, He did by His royal power. Jesus promised this same royal power to those who passionately pursued Him and His divine purposes – people like you and me—a kingdom of priests unto our Lord, who live our lives everyday for the King and His glorious kingdom.

 Remember: Our Lord in His royalty is the King and supreme commander of all who bow to His name, look to His face, and live for His will and works to be done in the earth.