In this year of Knowing God and Knowing Others, we have focused on knowing God Our Father. Now, we are focusing on knowing Jesus Our Lord. Our God is one God in three persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is so important that we understand the person and work of each member of the Godhead—and in understanding, that we embrace and engage in knowing each member particularly and powerfully.

Jesus, the Man, our Lord, Savior and King must be known, loved and imitated in every way if we are to influence and impact the world the way He did. The Christ who is high and lifted up, seated at the right hand of the Father, is the One we bow to and yield to as our life-example and our life-giver to represent Him well and in a worthy manner in our world (Phil. 3:7-11).

This week, we are talking about our Lord In His Divinity. Jesus was fully God and fully man. As such, He gives us a pattern to follow and a path to walk. The Scriptures tell us that we are not only called to identify with Jesus in His humanity, but also in His divinity—we have been made partakers of the divine nature of Jesus, commanded to use the divine name of Jesus and commissioned to walk in the divine nobility of the great cause of Jesus Christ’s mission, message and ministry (II Pet. 1:2-4).

Divine Nature Jesus our Lord was conceived of the Holy Spirit, and as such He was born not with a sin nature, but a divine nature. Jesus was and is the Lord who brings divinity to humanity and leads humanity to share in His divinity—not as co-equals, but as joint-heirs in all that He brought to and provided for us. Through Him, we have been made partakers and partners of His divine nature, enabling us to present Him precisely and powerfully to the world. To know Jesus our Lord as God the Son enables us to express His divine love, light and life to the world. Pray that as we access Christ’s divine nature, people would see Jesus our Lord in all we say and do.

Divine Name The name of Jesus represents His authority, anointing and access to the will and work of God our Father, by the person and work of the Holy Spirit. When we truly know Jesus our Lord, we have the authority, anointing and access to use that name and release its passion and power. Everywhere Jesus went on earth, He helped all He touched. The divine name becomes the divine resource to release heaven’s resources for human need. Pray that our understanding would be increased as to the purpose and power of releasing the name of Jesus in authority and power.

Divine Nobility Nobility means that which is proper, prominent and surpassing in moral excellence. The Apostle Peter calls it virtue. While on earth, Jesus our Lord exhibited and expressed the best and brightest ideals that anyone could imagine. He brought the rule of the King and the rules of the kingdom to the realm of earth. No one had ever heard such lofty truths and been called to such a loving response. Now in heaven, our Lord and King calls us to know Him in His nobility and make Him known in His noble call and commission—nothing less than God’s highest best for man’s every need. Pray that we would become a more and more noble people—exhibiting and expressing the moral and spiritual excellence of Jesus our Lord in everything.

Remember: Jesus our Lord, the divine Son of God our Father, has given us His nature, name and nobility as righteous resources to know Him and make Him known in a world wounded by sin and wandering in search of divine answers for life’s dilemmas.