As we finish our series on Faith Not Fretting, we are going to review and recap what we have learned, as well as pray into the precious promises we have as the people of God—committed to righteousness and richly rewarded as a result of that commitment (Psalm 37).

Don’t fret—trust; rest peacefully and focus your faith on God’s greatness. We can be calm and confident because the God we serve is well able to deal with anything and everything that concerns us. Whatever is going on around us can be dealt with by the God who is above us, in us and among us. God truly is great, and greatly to be praised.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I thank You that through Your great and limitless power and strength, I can overcome every obstacle and seize every opportunity that is before me. There is no end to what You can do, so there is no end to what can be accomplished by Your greatness. I am resolved and I am at rest.”

 Don’t fret—dwell; wait patiently and focus your faith on God’s goodness. As we have stated—God is not only willing, He is able—He is not only able, He is willing. Our God is good and His goodness is expressed and extended to His beloved children. Don’t despair; instead depend on the goodness of God to be ministered and manifested at the exact right time. Stay connected and committed to the heart and hand of God.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I thank You that Your plans for me are always for Your glory, my good and the good of everyone around me. I choose to stay connected to Your loving heart and hand. I am serenely confident that Your greatness and goodness will be fully manifested in the fullness of time.”

 Don’t fret—delight; hope expectantly and focus your faith on God’s grace. King David spoke of the promise that those who love what God loves get what God gives. When we delight ourselves in the word, will and ways of God, we position ourselves for the fullness of God’s grace being poured into the lives of a hopeful and expectant people. God is great, good and gracious to all who trust Him.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I choose to be delighted in who You are and what You are committed to. I believe that Your ways and work will satisfy the deepest desires of my heart. I am delighted in You and devoted to everything that You say is right and richly satisfying.”

Don’t fret—commit; receive abundantly as you focus your faith on God’s goodwill. David testifies to and prophesies concerning the abundant inheritance that the righteous would receive in due time. Ultimately, we are called to inherit the earth. Until then, we are called to receive an abundant inheritance of spiritual and material blessings because of God’s goodwill toward those who love Him. When we commit our every cause and concern to God, we put our future in His great, good and gracious hands.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I commit my every cause and concern to You. I believe that I can trust You with everything I treasure and hold dear. I thank You that Your plans for me are to bless me abundantly with Your provision of peace and prosperity. I love You and joyfully commit my way into Your great, good and gracious hands.”

Remember: Faith not fretting is the answer and antidote for everything we face in our lives and the world around us. We can be calm and confident that our great, good and gracious God is always concerned and in control.