We have been is a series of messages entitled Faith Not Fretting, learning more about what it means to be a people who trust God to deal with all injustices and inequities that we see around us or experience personally. We are learning to avoid the futility of fretting. In Hebrew, the word fret means to be eaten up with a burning indignation about sinful behavior, as well as the personal impact of that sinful behavior.

In Psalm 37, a senior and seasoned King David offers an answer and an antidote to people, young and old alike, that will free them from fretting and focus them on faith—faith in the God who has everything within His grasp and His grace—the God who is willing and able to come through for His children who commit their way to Him. David declares that faith not fretting is the redemptive remedy for every sinful and stressful situation.

This week, we will put our attention on focusing our faith on God’s greatness, God’s goodness and God’s grace. Faith always requires an object—something or someone that can be counted on and trusted in without question. The ultimate focus of our faith is God Almighty—the One who never forgets, never forsakes and never fails His beloved people. Every time we choose faith over fretting, we position ourselves for God’s dynamic deliverance and rich rewards.

Focus Your Faith On God’s Greatness Throughout David’s life, he discovered over and over that God was able to defend and deliver His people. In II Samuel 22 and Psalm 18, David shares his testimony concerning a great God who has aided and anointed him powerfully for all he was called to face. In Psalm 37, David declares in a passionate and pointed manner that God’s greatness would overshadow and overwhelm any enemy of His purposes in the lives of His people. Pray that we would see clearly God’s infinite and unlimited capacity to do what’s right and meet our deepest need.

Focus Your Faith On God’s Goodness David declares that God is not only great, but He is good. Throughout the pages of the Scriptures we hear over and over the refrain, “Lord you are good, and your mercy endures forever.” As we have said, it would be one thing if God was willing but not able. And it would be another thing if God was able and not willing. But the glorious truth is that God is both willing and able to pour greatness and goodness into the lives of those who look to Him. David declares that when we stay doing good as we walk the path of worship and wisdom, God is delighted in us and will reward us richly with blessings from His good and gracious heart and hand. Pray that we would recognize and realize how good God is and how His plans and purposes are only for our blessing and benefit.

Focus Your Faith On God’s Grace Throughout his life, David declared time and again how gracious God had been to him. God’s grace—His divine ability and anointing had marked and molded David’s life in poignant and powerful ways. And so it is with us as well—when we look to and lean on God’s hand of grace, we become recipients of heaven’s provision to live above and beyond any earthly limitations. When we focus our faith on the fountain of God’s grace, we have a never-ending flow of divine capacity for our spirit, soul and body. God’s grace enables us to evaluate what we see around us and move with clarity, confidence and conviction into a certain future in Him. Pray that we would see God’s grace as the only trustworthy resource to give us all we need for all we face.

Remember: In the midst of tribulations, trials and testings, focusing our faith on God’s greatness, goodness and grace grants us peace that God will come through and we will come through.