We are bringing a series of messages entitled Faith Not Fretting, as we learn to be a people who trust in God’s total and complete capacity to deal with any and all injustices and inequities that we see around us, or experience personally. We are learning to avoid the futility of fretting. In Hebrew, the word fret means to be eaten up with burning indignation about sinful behavior, as well as the personal impact of that sinful behavior.

 In Psalm 37, a senior and seasoned King David offers an answer and an antidote to all people, young and old alike, that will free them from fretting and focus them on faith in the God who has all knowledge and ability to deal with anything and everything in truth and justice. David declares that faith not fretting is the redemptive remedy for every sinful situation.

Don’t Fret—Rest Peacefully.  The word rest in Hebrew means to silence the lips, hush the soul and be at peace. Having said everything that we need to say to be honest to God in what we are thinking and feeling, there comes a time when God says, “That’s enough. I have everything under control. I’ll take care of it. Be at peace.” There is a point where we need to stop talking and start trusting, providing a restful repose for our harried hearts. There used to be an old saying that went like this: “Let go and let God”.  This is a principle and practice that the modern believer must engage, regardless of the turbulent times we live in.

Don’t Fret—Wait Patiently.  The word wait in Hebrew has to do with waiting, watching and working. Sometimes this word is used to describe labor and delivery in humans and animals. It is not about inactivity, but focused and faith-filled activity. Often times we live in the tension of the already and the not yet. We are laboring in the Lord by His grace as we wait for the birthing of a better and brighter day. David tells us that our patient endurance in the Lord will be repaid and rewarded in the fullness of time. In the midst of tough and turbulent times, our faith, trust and endurance must be more resolute and resilient.

Don’t Fret—Hope Expectantly. In Psalm 37, David clearly articulates the future of the righteous and the future of those who engage in evil and wicked acts. The righteous will be rewarded and the wicked will be destroyed. He implores followers of the living God to consider His righteous and holy ways and follow them without fail. In the Scriptures, hope is a settled confidence in a sure and satisfying future in God. The word of God promises us that hope in a holy God and a heavenly vision for life will fill us with a deep expectancy for a divinely desired outcome.

Don’t Fret—Receive Abundantly.  God’s desire for His children has always been to pour out abundant blessings, flowing from His heart of goodness and grace. God wants to give us an abundance of peace, prosperity and place—an inheritance for us in this life and the life to come. God wants to give us an abundance of justice and righteousness. When we stand on the side of truth, God will render a positive verdict in our favor. Don’t fret about the injustice around you. Have faith in the integrity within you—by the word and the Spirit.

Remember: In the midst of tough and turbulent times, a people resting, waiting and hoping in the God who can be infinitely trusted will receive an abundance of rich rewards.