We are going to bring a few messages on the subject of choosing faith in God’s ultimate ability to deal with any and all injustices that we either see around us or experience personally, and to avoid the futility of fretting as a way to deal with injustice or inequity. To fret, means to be eaten up with a burning indignation about the sinful behavior of others, as well as the personal impact of that sinful behavior.

In Psalm 37, a senior and seasoned King David offers an antidote to all people, young and old alike, that will free them from fretting and focus them on faith in the God who has all knowledge and every ability to deal with anything and everything in truth and justice. David declares that acting in faith, focus and faithfulness in and on the One who rules over all is the redemptive remedy for every sinful situation.

Don’t Fret—Trust The Hebrew word for trust has to do with having the safety and security that is the product of having total confidence in someone or something that is reliable and resilient. David tells us that ultimate trust is to be placed in the God we love and serve and who loves and serves us. Confidence in flesh is futile—confidence in the Father is firm and fruitful. Rather than fretting, incensed and indignant, we are called to place our faith, firmly and focused, on the God who can be trusted without question. Let’s pray that as we place our trust in God’s ability to make things right, our confidence in His divine capacity will grow.

Don’t Fret—Dwell The Hebrew word for dwell has to do with settling down and settling in personally and permanently. Our dwelling place is to be in an abiding relationship with God the Father and Jesus the Son. This is the home where help, health and hope are found—this is the dwelling where faith’s perspective is nourished and nurtured. This is the haven where doubt and discouragement is dispelled and where faith, hope and love abound. Let’s pray that as we settle down and settle into an abiding relationship with God the Father and Jesus the Son, we will become increasingly faithful and fruitful.

Don’t Fret—Delight The Hebrew word for delight has to do with being glad in a very good thing—it is to be thrilled or enthralled in someone or something. When we love what God loves, we get we God gives. We must not envy a vanishing world’s system that is fueled by lust and pride—but rather enjoy the goodness and glories of a kingdom that is fed by love and humility and has no end. When God’s word, will and ways are the focus of our affection, then our lives, individually and collectively, will be the focus of His attention. A delighted people in God are a devoted people to God, who then become a rewarded people by God. Let’s pray that we would learn more and more to love what God loves and get what God gives.

Don’t Fret—Commit The Hebrew word for commit has to do with rolling over and onto another position, place or person. A huge issue in defeating fretting is rolling every present or potential care and concern of our lives over and onto the God who cares for us. Every burden that could become a burning indignation must be cast off as a blessed independence from all weight and worry. Committing is not forgetting cares and concerns—it is remembering who is the one to best handle those cares and concerns—the Living Lord who loves us deeply and devotedly. Let’s pray that as we roll over and cast our cares and concerns on the Lord, we will become increasingly free and mobile in our service to His mission.

Remember: Faith not fretting is the answer and antidote in dealing with anything of evil and injustice. When faith in our righteous God is our focus, nothing but ultimate grace and goodness will be the final outcome.