As we finish our series of teachings on God Our Father, we are going to review and recap what we have learned, as well as pray into the precious promises we have as sons and daughters of the Living God. For we have truly been made a blessed, blameless and beloved people by God our Father through Jesus the Son (Eph. 1:1-14).

God our Father has made us blessed. God our Father has made us grace filled. He has graciously bestowed upon us every spiritual blessing of heaven in, through and by the person and work of the Son, Jesus Christ. Salvation, sanctification, security, strength and sustaining grace are all ours because the Father who lives to bless His children has given all of these blessings freely and fully.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I thank You that no one and nothing can separate me from the blessing of Your presence, peace and provision in Christ Jesus. I thank You that I am blessed beyond measure because I am beloved beyond measure. I choose to receive every blessing that You have bestowed and release every blessing to bestow on others Your endless grace and goodness.”

God our Father has made us blameless. God our Father has made us guilt free. Our Heavenly Father provided the only and ultimate sacrifice that could cleanse us and consecrate us as a pure and holy people—Jesus the Lamb of God. Because Jesus had no blot or blemish, in Him, every blot and blemish of sin is removed from our lives. Our record of past sins is now clear and clean before God. Now, as dear children of God, we are called to walk blamelessly before Him and the world by His great grace.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I thank You that through the blood of Your sinless Son I have my sins paid for and put away forever. I thank You that I stand blameless before You as a blessed and beloved child. I choose to acknowledge my righteous standing through Your Beloved Son and appropriate the power of that righteousness to live blamelessly before You and the world each and every day.”

God our Father has made us beloved. God our Father has made us greatly favored. In the same way the Son is beloved, we are beloved. The Son loved the Father so much that He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate service to God and man. Through faith in His Son, Christ Jesus, we became beloved children of God as He enabled us to be born into the family of God. God the Father loved us so much that He sent His Beloved Son to live a sinless life and to die a sinner’s death to make us an accepted, approved and adopted family of greatly graced sons and daughters in Him.

Pray this prayer: “Father God, I thank You that through the life, death and resurrection of the Beloved Son, I have been accepted, approved and adopted as a dearly and dynamically loved child of God. I thank you that Your love that has been received by me and can be released through me into the lives of others. I choose to receive Your love gratefully and release Your love graciously and generously to others. Because I am divinely loved, I can divinely love.”

Remember: God our Father has made us sons and daughters who are blessed, blameless and beloved through the person and work of Jesus the Son. As sons and daughters of Father God, we are called to receive the fullness of God’s divine provision and power, and to release the fullness of God’s provision and power into the lives of others.