We are continuing a series of messages on God our Father, studying the ways in which our Heavenly Father has made us blessed, blameless and beloved through the person and work of Jesus the Son. The more we know about all the Father has accomplished for us in Christ Jesus, the more we can gratefully possess the promises that His grace has provided for us.

Last week, we took another look at what God the Father has done through Jesus the Son to make us blameless before Him—clearing us of all charges, cleansing us from all sin and consecrating us for all righteousness. This enables us to be blameless in our works, blameless in our words and blameless in our walk before other believers and the world around us.

This week, we are looking at what it means for God our Father to make us His beloved children, living in community with a dearly-love family who are loved by God and who dearly love one another. Through Jesus, the Beloved Son, we have been accepted in the Beloved, approved in the Beloved and adopted in the Beloved. Through the One God loves, we have become divinely loved ones (Eph. 1:1-14).

In Greek, the word for beloved is agapetos, which means “to be dearly and divinely loved with a love that is only possible for those who have become part of God’s family and expressed from person to person to those who are part of God’s family.” This is a love that is uniquely expressed through those united with the Father and united with others through the work of Jesus, the Beloved Son.

Accepted in the Beloved Because of the life, death and resurrection of Christ, we are accepted by God the Father as those who are worthy to approach Him with childlike confidence. God our Father beckons us to come to Him to find the grace we need to meet our every need. As He has accepted Christ Jesus as the worthy Son and Savior, so He accepts us as worthy to approach Him and appropriate all of His promises and power. In Christ the Son, we are saved and secure—deeply beloved and blessed by a Heavenly Father who took great pleasure in making us His own.

Approved in the Beloved We have been declared blessed, blameless and beloved because of the completed work of Christ the Son. God our Father grants us His divine approval because Jesus the Son was tempted, tried, tested, tortured and found pristine and proven. God our Father not only accepts us as His own, He sets His seal of approval on us as His blameless and beloved children. In Christ the Son, we have been tried, tested and found true as dearly loved son and daughters of God our Father Who went to every length to make us recipients of His love, light and life.

Adopted in the Beloved We have been bought into God’s family through the sacrifice of the Beloved Son. We have been brought into God’s family through the sacrifice of the Beloved Son. And we have been born into God’s family through the sacrifice of the Beloved Son. We have been made beloved sons and daughters through the sacrifice of the Beloved Son. We are heirs of Christ and joint-heirs with the Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. We must live in the family of God as the family of God for the family of God—purchased by the blood of the Beloved—in order to make us a people beloved because of what the Beloved One purchased for us.

Remember: God the Father loved us so much that He sent His Beloved Son to live a sinless life and die a sinner’s death to make us an accepted, approved and adopted family of greatly graced and grateful sons and daughters in Him.