We are continuing a series of messages on God Our Father, studying the ways in which our Heavenly Father has made us blessed, blameless and beloved through the person and work of Jesus the Son. For the more we know about all the Father has accomplished for us in Christ Jesus, the more we can gratefully possess the promises that His grace has provided for us.

Last week, we looked more deeply at what it means for God our Father to make us blameless before Him and before the world. We looked at how God our Father has cleared us of all charges, cleansed us from all sin and consecrated us for all righteousness.

This week, we are taking another look at what it means for God our Father to make us blameless positionally, which produces the capacity for us to be practically, personally, powerfully and perpetually blameless in our works, blameless in our words and blameless in our walk before other believers and the world around us. God’s work in us must become God’s work through us as children of God who represent their Heavenly Father accurately and authentically.

God our Father makes us blameless in our works. We can be blameless in our works because God is working in us and through us by His word and Spirit. We can see the work of Christ’s saving power brought to completion as we wed our will to the will and work of God our Father (Phil. 2:12-17). According to the Apostle Paul to the Philippians, we have both the desire and the dynamic to live lives of divine influence and impact because God is working in the lives of those who are surrendered and submitted to Him. God our Father has made us blameless—without spot or blemish, morally and spiritually innocent—this must be proven and presented by a people who are revealed and released to the world.

God our Father makes us blameless in our words. We are called to hold fast the word of life. A blameless people must speak of the beloved Savior in every encounter with every person and people. Our words must be true and trustworthy—never inaccurate and never incomplete. Being blameless in our words means that no one could ever accuse us of being deceptive, dishonest or divisive. We must always be looking to speak in a way that connects people to divine truth and divine transformation.

God our Father makes us blameless in our walk. Our walk must be a sign and a wonder—a walk that makes people wonder how one could live a life of absolute integrity. We, the blameless before God, must become the blameless before man—a people made clear and clean, who live lives that are clear and clean. God our Father has consecrated us for conduct that is both unusual and unique—conduct that mirrors the Father and reflects His grace and glory in the earth. Walking, worshipping and working as blessed, blameless and beloved children of God the Father, reveals who God is and what He has accomplished in the lives of those who look to the Son, Christ Jesus.

Remember: A people made blameless by God our Father through the person and work of Christ Jesus must then represent and reveal that work through their works, words and walk by God’s work both to will and do through the Spirit’s person and power.