We are continuing a series of messages on God Our Father, studying the ways in which our Heavenly Father has made us blessed, blameless and beloved through the person and work of Jesus, the Son. For the more we know about the love, light and life of the Father, the more we can possess the promises He had provided for us.

This week, we are bringing a second part on what it means for the Father to make us a blessed people. We are looking at what it means to be blessed by the provision of God our Father, the peace of God our Father and the presence of God our Father.

We have looked a the Greek word for blessing, eulogeo, which means a statement of good will and happiness that is said about another, as well as the condition and context that fulfill those good words. It basically means that God our Father speaks words of goodness and grace over us because we are in Christ Jesus, then gives and grants to us all that His goodness and grace provides.

Another word for being blessed by God our Father is makarios. Greek scholar Kevin Stone writes, “The Greek word translated “blessed” in the Sermon on the Mount is makarios, and its meaning is a little more nuanced than what we get from happy. The idea behind makarios is that something is made ‘large’ or ‘lengthy’ (Matt. 5:1-12). When God ‘blesses’ us, He extends His benefits to us. He enlarges his mercy to us. He lengthens His charity in our direction. Forget the long arm of the law—this is the long arm of God’s grace. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus describes the traits of those who have been blessed by God’s salvation, as well as the traits of those who continue to walk in God’s salvation in Christ Jesus.”

Blessed With The Provision Of God Our Father Jesus clearly taught that all man would truly ever need was and is provided by God the Father. The well and wealth of His provision is unlimited in its supply and unhindered by the challenging circumstances of life. The Father provides the saving of one’s soul and satisfying of one’s life at every level of the human condition. As Father and Creator, He knows all that we need to be what we are intended to be and pours out the provision needed to fulfill our purpose in Him.

Blessed With The Peace Of God Our Father Jesus also taught when you make peace with God, you have the blessing of the peace of God. Then you are blessed with the ability to make peace with others who are open to making peace. Peace with God, peace with self and peace with others are incredible and indelible blessings that settle our souls and stabilize our lives. When we have been blessed by God our Father’s salvation in and through Christ Jesus, we become sons and daughters of peace, who sow seeds of peace wherever we go.

Blessed With The Presence Of God Our Father Additionally, Jesus taught that it was the Father’s purpose to reveal Himself as an attentive and abiding presence in the lives of His children. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus laid out a blueprint for a blessed life—pursue God the Father, and know His person, provision, peace, presence and power in your life. There is simply no greater blessing than to know the love and life of God the Father through the person and power of Christ the Son. Think of it—you and I can know God our Father and experience His profound presence in our lives—everyday—all day!

Remember: Nothing and no one can separate us from the blessing of the provision, peace and presence of God our Father and Jesus our Lord. We are indeed a people mightily and magnificently blessed and beloved by God.