Last week, we focused our attention on what God the Father has done for us through Jesus Christ the Son. We looked at the works of wonder that the Father has performed in making us into dynamically transformed and dearly treasured sons and daughters. We talked about how He has made us blessed, blameless and beloved.

This week, we are going to take another look at these amazing truths. For the more we know about God our Father and what He has done for us through His Son, the more we can live in an intimate relationship with Him and show forth His love, light and life in the world.

God our Father has made us blessed. God our Father has made us grace filled. He has graciously bestowed upon us every spiritual blessing of heaven in, through and by the person and work of the Son, Christ Jesus (Eph. 1:1-6). A blessing is a statement of goodwill and happiness that is said about another, as well as the condition and context that fulfills those good words. We have been blessed with every blessing provided by the Spirit in this life and far more fully in the life to come. The way we access and appropriate these blessings is always the same—faith and loving obedience toward our Heavenly Father as dearly devoted children of God.

God our Father has made us blameless. God our Father has made us guilt free. Our Heavenly Father provided the only and ultimate sacrifice that could cleanse us and consecrate us as a pure and holy people—Jesus the Lamb of God. Because Jesus had no blot or blemish, in Him every blot and blemish of sin is removed from our lives. Now, as dear children of God, we are called to walk blamelessly before Him by His great grace that saves, sanctifies, secures, satisfies and strengthens. Our Father loved us so much, that He made a way for us to become His children, know Him intimately and make Him known in the earth.

God our Father has made us beloved. God our Father has made us greatly favored. In the same way the Son is beloved, we are beloved. The Son loved the Father so much that He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate service to God and man. Through faith in the Beloved Son, Christ Jesus, we became beloved and cherished children as He enabled us to be born into the family of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Behold the kind of love with which the Father has loved us (I John 3:1-3). We must not do any less than respond in kind—lovingly laying our lives down for God our Father who has made us beloved sons and daughters.

Remember: Now we are the children of God—blessed, blameless and beloved, called to rejoice in the riches of His love and grace, and to release that love and grace as His sons and daughters in the earth.