As we are focusing on Father’s Day, we want to honor God our Father and all of our great dads who are mirroring our Father in heaven and ministering His grace and goodness in the lives of their children here on earth.

Today, we submit and surrender to the love, life and light of God our Father, and we salute the fathers among us who have reflected the grace and glory of His love, life and light to their children. We love you and love the way you create a context for Christ to be honored and for His lordship to be received and released.

God Our Father Has Made Us Blessed God Our Father has made us grace filled. He has graciously bestowed upon us every spiritual blessing of heaven in, through and by the person and work of the Son, Christ Jesus (Eph. 1:1-6). Salvation, sanctification, security, strength and sustaining grace are all ours because the Father who lives to bless His children has given all of these freely and fully. Think of it, the eternal, self-existent and self-sufficient God desired to create a family of faithful followers who would experience the community and connection that He desired to provide and promote.

God Our Father Has Made Us Blameless God our Father has made us guilt free. Our Heavenly Father provided the only and ultimate sacrifice that could absolve us of the guilt of sin. God our Father has removed ultimate shame and fear. It doesn’t mean we are never ashamed or that we don’t walk in godly fear, but that we have every redemptive resource needed, in Christ Jesus, to deal with every sin and stain. Christ’s sacrifice makes us righteous before the Father and a sanctified blessing to the world.

God Our Father Has Made Us Beloved God our Father has made us greatly favored. In the same way the Son is beloved, we are beloved (John 3:1-3). The Son loved the Father so much that He was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate service to God and man. Through faith in the Son, Christ Jesus, we become beloved children of God as He enabled us to be born into the family of God. Never forget that God opened the door for His love and approval to rest on you through the offering of His Son.

Remember: God our Father provided everything we need to be born into His family and be nourished and nurtured by His love, life and light through the gift of His only Son, Christ Jesus.