Even though we have completed our 50 Days of Prayer, our journey towards revival continues. We are continuing to prepare our hearts for revival as we more closely press our hearts into the Reviver.

Last week, we focused on unity and how that created a community context for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as 120 souls became the living stones that were built into a habitation of God in the Spirit.

This week, in our final message in this series, we are focusing on fullness. Again, we are asking three questions: What is fullness? Why is fullness is important? How do we walk in fullness? For when a humble, hungry and holy people join their hearts and lives together, they make room for a spiritual fullness that saturates, satisfies and strengthens everyone.

A Story Of Fullness On the Day of Pentecost, 120 of Jesus’ disciples were miraculously and marvelously baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit’s person and power. Chief among them was Peter, a man that was an apostle and ardent follower of Jesus. His journey with Jesus was a process of progressing in his understanding of who Jesus was and what it really meant to receive Him and represent Him well in the world.

Peter came to realize that not only did he need to believe on the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ, but that he also needed to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit to have the power and prophetic presence of Christ so that he could proclaim the message and pursue the mission of Christ. And receive that fullness, he surely did.

After being filled with the Holy Spirit, he rose up and prophetically proclaimed to thousands what had happened to him and those whom the Holy Spirit had baptized and filled. He was clear-eyed and full of Spirit-supplied courage and conviction. Three thousand men responded to his message and ministry with repentance and faith. This would begin a lifetime journey of Peter following Jesus, being freshly filled with His Spirit for each new assignment and faithfully fulfilling His ministry in Christ’s mission to the very end—greatly rejoicing in Christ’s presence and greatly releasing Christ’s power (Acts 2; 4:8, 31).

What is fullness? Spiritual fullness is the state of being completely enlivened and laden with the person, presence, power and provision of God the Father and Christ the Son through the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It is to have divine relationships and resources in utter abundance. It is to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally filled and fulfilled to the overflowing. Spiritual fullness is meant to saturate and satisfy at every level and should be considered the normal condition of every believer fully dedicated and devoted to seeking and serving God.

Why is fullness important? It satisfies and satiates the hungry and thirsty heart and soul. It enables us to live by the direction and dynamic of the Spirit and not by the dictates and demands of the flesh. It enables us to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man. It enables us to be rooted and grounded in love—the love of Christ that anchors, assures and activates us. It reveals and releases in us the true knowledge and experience of God’s person, presence, power and provision—reminding us that fullness has a face and power is a person—the very face and person of Christ Jesus. And it creates the possibility and probability of anything and everything that Christ wants to do in and through His church becoming a righteous reality (Eph. 3:14-20).

How do we walk in fullness? We must be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit as an initiatory experience. We must be daily filled with the Holy Spirit, as we seek God in the secret place. We must be open to and believe for fresh, new, deeper fillings of the Spirit for an ever-increasing spiritual capacity to conquer new obstacles and claim new opportunities for the kingdom. Just as Peter was baptized and filled on the Day of Pentecost and then experienced daily and ongoing dynamic spiritual fillings, so should we. We must stay in a moment-by-moment fellowship and followership with the Holy Spirit—never turning our face from Him, but always toward Him. The promise of God’s word is that when we walk in, by and through the Spirit, we will put to death the flesh and its lusts, and live a life of overflowing abundance and victory.

Remember: Fullness has a face and power is a person. Knowing God the Father and Christ the Son through the work of the Holy Spirit – all day, every day – is the key to remaining replete and complete in Christ.