Day 44 // May 29  

“The more you praise God, the more you become God-conscious and absorbed in His greatness, wisdom, faithfulness, and love. Praise reminds you of all that God is able to do and of great things He has already done.” Wesley L. Duewel

O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth Your praise (Psalm 51:15).

Prayer Target
Let’s pray this together:
Father, as we give ourselves to praising You today, we thank You for all the great and mighty things you have done. You have been faithful, and Your ways are good. And we know that there is so much more You have in store for us to experience as we walk with You. We proclaim our allegiance to You, God, and pray that You would help us, through Jesus, to offer a continual sacrifice of praise, for You are so worthy! And as we do, we commit to do good and share with those in need, for we know these are the sacrifices that please You. We love You and we praise you. Amen!