We are in the midst of 50 Days of Prayer, from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, believing God for an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s person, presence, power and provision in our personal lives as well as our New Song Nashville family as a whole. We are getting ready for revivalknowing that what is most needed in this hour is Christ’s church being fully alive in the Spirit, loving Jesus supremely and serving the world sacrificially.

In the past few weeks, we have focused on repentance, humility and spiritual hunger as keys to opening the door to a dynamic work of God in the lives of His people.

This week, we are focusing on holiness as another key to seeing an ongoing habitation of God in the Spirit. As we have in past weeks, we will be answering key questions: What is holiness? Why is holiness important? How do we perfect holiness? Understanding and passionately pursuing holiness is vital to us knowing the Holy God and making the beauty of His holiness known in the earth.

What is holiness? Holiness is about something or someone being set apart for sacred purposes—something or someone cleansed, consecrated and committed to that which is of God. With God, holiness is the absolute otherness of God as the pure and pristine divine Person and presence. With man, holiness is a call to allow God to do in and through us what He does in and through Himself—imparting to us His purity and power. Holiness is an absolute commitment to God’s divine character and God’s divine cause. Holiness is to be divinely set apart for divine purposes and to be divinely saturated by divine purity and power (II Cor. 6:11-7:1).

Why is holiness important? No one can see the Person, presence and prophetic purposes of God without it (Heb. 12:14). Holiness liberates and looses us from rival affections and attentions. Holiness prepares the way for the Lord to continually dwell among His people by His presence and divine provision. Holiness is a highway to happiness, bringing us the joy of living in the love, life and light of our Lord—our Holy One.

How do we perfect holiness? In Greek, the word perfecting means to carry out and bring to completion.Perfecting holiness comes by giving ourselves wholeheartedly to a process of daily and continually maturing as a passionate pursuer of living a holy life in Christ Jesus. Perfecting holiness comes by pursuing the Holy One—Christ Himself. We must freshly commit to allowing God’s Spirit to make us a holy temple for His presence. As with the temple cleansing of old, we must be willing to repent, remove the rubbish, restore order and renew worship that is pure and holy.

Remember: The pursuit of holiness is essentially the pursuit of the Holy One, which will, day by day, make us more and more like the Lord Who ever lives to conform us into His consecrated character and cause.