We are in the midst of 50 Days of Prayer, from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, believing God for an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s person and power in our personal lives, as well as our New Song Nashville family as a whole. We are getting ready for revival, knowing that what is needed most in this hour is God’s people being fully alive in the Spirit, loving Jesus supremely and serving the world sacrificially.

Last week we focused on repentance(a change of mind that results in a change of attitude and action)as being one of the keys to opening the door to a dynamic work of God in the lives of His people. We emphasized that a righteous resolve to be committed to a lifestyle of repentance is fundamentally vital to protecting and preserving our intimacy with Jesus.

This week, we are focusing on humility as another key to seeing an ongoing habitation of God in the Spirit. We will answer the questions: What is humility? Why is humility important? How do we walk in humility? For choosing to walk in humility is that which produces a righteous release of the grace, goodness and greatness of God in our lives.

A Story Of Humility In Philippians 2:1-11, the Apostle Paul instructs and exhorts believers to walk in authentic humility unto love and unity with one another. He illustrates this by recounting the story of the holy and humble attitudes and actions which led to Jesus stepping out of eternity into time, out of heaven onto earth, and out of spirit into human flesh. He tells them that the mindset of Christ in coming to earth to live as a man and die as man’s Savior should be their mindset as well. He states that Jesus humbled Himself, taking the lowest place in order to do God’s highest good. He obeyed every command of the Father, even to the extreme extent of His horrific death on the cross. He humbly submitted and surrendered to the will of God and the work of the Holy Spirit—every moment of every day. Because of this, God highly exalted Him to the place of supreme authority. It was Christ’s humility that brought Him to earth and His humility that held Him on the cross.

What is humility? Humility is the honest, holy and happy acknowledgement that everything we are and everything we have proceeds from the person and power of God to us. Because everything proceeds from the hand of God, there is no room for pride in the hand of man. Additionally, humility is the honest and happy acknowledgement that God’s grace is distributed broadly in the lives of His people and that we are to be gratefully, graciously and gladly dependent on one another. It is saying to God: “You are God, and I am not—everything I have, I have in You.” And saying to others: “You are you, and I am not—everything needed to fulfill God’s purposes is found in all of us.” Because we are mutually dependent on the grace of God in one another, there is no place for personal pride or a sense of superiority.

Why is humility important? Author Andrew Murray states: “Humility, the place of entire dependence on God, is from the very nature of things, the first duty and highest virtue of man. It is the root of every virtue. And so pride, or the loss of this humility, is the root of every sin and evil.”Everything that is good flows from a heart of humility. Humility is a disposition of dependence and a mindset of meekness. Humility refuses to exalt self but always exalts the Savior. Humility refuses to see oneself as more important but sees everyone as equally important. Humility, therefore, is the primary key of the kingdom—that which grants access to the grace and goodness of the King in order to advance His kingdom.

How do we walk in humility? We must choose everyday to look to God in devotion and dependence, acknowledging to Him that everything good we possess comes from Him and Him alone. We must choose everyday to focus on the grace and goodness of God in the lives of others, acknowledge our need for what it brings into our lives and submit to it in honor and gratitude. We must put off pride and put on humility, being continually clothed with a consecrated commitment to humbly depend on God and God’s people for everything needed to fulfill Christ’s mission.

Remember: Humility is the honest, holy and happy acknowledgement that everything we are and everything we have and need proceeds from the person and power of God to us.