We are continuing our series The Son of Light, as we further explore the light lessons we find in Jesus the Son’s life, death and resurrection. We are seeking to let the Son’s life and light lift us up and lead us on in Him. For how and why the Son lived as He did, died as He did and was raised as He was hold revelatory keys concerning who He truly is and who we are in Him.

For Easter, we are focusing on the Light in the Son’s Resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of our faith. If Jesus died but didn’t rise from the dead, we have no hope. But because Christ did rise from the dead, we have eternal hope that is safe and secure. Because our lives are steadfastly anchored in the Resurrected Son of God, we can share in His resurrection life, glory and victory. For all that He is and all that He has is who we are and what we have in Him.

In I Corinthians 15, Paul shares some stunning and staggering truths concerning the resurrection of Christ and what His resurrection means to us in the present and for the future. Let’s examine some of those transformational truths.

Sharing in the Son’s Resurrection Life Paul tells us that in Adam all die. But he also says that in Christ all are made alive, spiritually and eternally. When we come to faith in Christ, we become partakers of and partners in His divine life and nature by the person and work of the Holy Spirit within us. Paul also tells us that the first Adam became “a living being,” but that the last Adam, Jesus Christ, became “a life-giving spirit.” The term and title “life-giving spirit” means that the Lord Jesus entered into a new kind of existence when He was raised from the dead because He was glorified and that He shares this spiritual life with anyone who will look to Him and live by Him. This is a tremendous truth! We share in the resurrection life of the Living Lord Jesus, and then we go and share this resurrection life with everyone we encounter.

Sharing in the Son’s Resurrection Glory Christ was crucified, buried, resurrected and glorified. In this life, we are raised up to share Christ’s glory spiritually. In the resurrection to come, we will share in Christ’s glory spiritually and bodily. One day, at the appearing of Jesus the Son and Savior, the mortal will become immortal, the corruptible will become incorruptible, and the physical will become spiritually grand and glorious. In the meantime, the glory of the Resurrected Son shines in us and through us by the Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead. We can live in the glorious power of the Resurrected Son and minister to others by that same glorious power.

Sharing in the Son’s Resurrection Victory The Son defeated death and the grave in His resurrection. One day, physical death will be destroyed forever. Physical death is an enemy, and it is the last enemy that will be destroyed. But spiritual death has already been done away with. We were once dead in our trespasses and sins—separated from the love and life of a Holy God—but no longer, because of the Son’s resurrection victory. His sinless life triumphed over sinful death so that all men could share in His triumph and pass from spiritual death to a strong and stunning spiritual life in Him.

Remember: Because Jesus was raised from dead, we have been raised from spiritual death into newness of life in Him. Because Jesus was raised from the dead in glory, one day our bodies will be raised up in glory to be as He is forevermore. And because Jesus was raised in victory over death, one day physical death will be completely defeated and destroyed. Let us shout it from the depths of grateful hearts: “He is risen; He is risen, indeed!”