This week as we move towards Good Friday and Easter, we are continuing a series of teachings entitled The Son of Light. We are exploring how Jesus Christ the Son brought the light of knowing concerning all things that pertain to life and godliness to everyone, everywhere (John 1:1-18).

We are looking at how our Lord brought divine light to earth in His life, death and resurrection and what we can learn from how He lived, how he died and how He was raised from the dead. For there are lessons in abundance from everything God the Father accomplished through Jesus the Son, the Light of the World (John 8:12).

All of what we learn in this series will help us to more deeply appreciate all that Jesus did for us and how we can be more faithful witnesses of the gospel message and of the gospel ministry we have been called to declare and demonstrate.

Let’s focus in particular on the light lessons we can receive by looking at how Christ’s life reveals spiritual realities we need to acknowledge, appropriate and access for our lives.

The Son as Life-Giver  Jesus the Son is the Life-Giver. He is the One who revealed to the world how to live for, in and through God the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit and how others could do the same by believing in the life-giving Son. In John 1:4, we are told that Jesus was the possessor of life. The word John uses for life is zoe. Zoe is divine life—the life that God gives. It is life that is supremely excellent and spiritually eternal. Jesus came to reveal the glories of a life in God and to make available the glories of the life of God. Jesus, the Life-Giver, lived a life of sinless perfection, wholly and solely devoted to the will of the Father and the message and ministry of the kingdom of God, qualifying Him to be the substitutionary sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. And while we will never be perfect in our lives, Jesus beckons us to partake of the life He gives and live by its power as we follow His lead to advance the message and ministry of the King and the kingdom.

The Son as Light-Bearer  Jesus the Son is also the Light-Bearer. He is the One who brought revelation into every situation. He revealed everything and everyone as they truly were—both good and bad. He exposed what was true, righteous and holy, and He exposed what was false, sinful and profane. Most importantly, He revealed Himself as the Light of the World, come to earth to show men and women the way back to a reconciled relationship with God the Father. He clearly revealed the way that leads to life and the way that leads to loss. Jesus came as the lighted and living Word of God, as well as the lighted and living Way to God. Jesus came bringing divine life and divine light, telling everyone that they could receive this divine life and reflect this divine light, boldly and brilliantly.

The Son as Lord of All  The Apostle John clearly reveals Christ as God incarnate, the Lord of light and life, Who had divine authority over all darkness, deception, disease, death and the demonic. He could cleanse lepers, open blind eyes, cast out demons, calm any storm, multiply loaves and fishes, raise the dead, turn water into wine, turn mourning into gladness, sadness into joy, depression into delight and confusion into clarity. He resisted every temptation, roundly defeated every foe, removed the barrier of sin through His death on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. He was and is our Supreme Savior and Lord who holds the keys to death and the grave and is the possessor of all authority in heaven and on earth. And He endues and anoints us with His power and authority and calls us to go forth and say and do in our lives what He said and did in His. This is our Jesus. This is our King. This is our Lord. He is our divine life. He is our divine light—every moment of every day. Let us get up and go, taking what we have learned from His life, and divinely and dynamically living it out in ours.

Remember: Jesus, the Son of Light, reveals great and precious patterns and promises from God in how He lived in complete consecration and commitment to God and how we can receive His divine life and do the same.