As we enter the Easter season, we are beginning a new series of messages entitled The Son Of Light. We are going to explore how Jesus Christ the Son brought the light of knowing concerning all things that pertain to life and godliness to everyone, everywhere.

We are going to look at how our Lord brought divine light to earth in His life, death and resurrection. And what we can learn from how He lived, how He died and how He was raised from the dead. For there are lessons in abundance from everything God the Father accomplished through Jesus the Son—the Light of the World (John 8:12).

We are also going to explore how we can become more faithful sons and daughters of light. We will learn how to more fully follow in the steps of the Son Who so fully and faithfully loosed the light of revelation on how to receive spiritual life and how to abide in divine light and life.

This week, we begin with the testimony of the Apostle John who clearly and compellingly tells us that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God the Son Who brought the life and light of heaven to earth. John tells us that He brought divine light that no one or nothing could diminish or darken from those who desired to look to His light (John 1:1-13).

Light in the Son’s Life  Jesus the Son is the life-giver. He is the One Who revealed to the world how to live for, in and through God the Father and how others could do the same by believing in the life-giving Son. The word John uses for life is zoe. Zoe is divine life—the life that God gives, both supremely excellent and eternal. Jesus came to reveal a life in God and to make available the life of God. Jesus the Son is also the light-bearer. He is the One Who brought revelation into every situation. He revealed everything and everyone as they truly were—both good and bad. He clearly revealed the way that leads to life as well as the way that leads to loss. He exposed what was true, righteous and holy, and he exposed what was false, sinful and profane. Jesus came bringing divine life and divine light, telling everyone that they could receive this divine light and reflect this divine light boldly and brilliantly.

Light in the Son’s Death  Jesus the Son is the Lamb of God. He is the only One Who was qualified to lay down His life as the perfect sin offering that mankind might be justified and sanctified. His brutal death shines light on what kind of price had to be paid to release sinners from the penalty, power, guilt and shame of sin. Only by His substitutionary death could a way be opened for sinful man to be reconciled to a holy God. His own disciples didn’t understand His words about the necessity of His suffering and death until after His resurrection. It was only then that their eyes were opened to understand why the Christ had to suffer and rise from the dead (Luke 24:44-46).

Light in the Son’s Resurrection  Jesus the Son is the Living Lord. He was the only one capable of conquering death, hell and the grave. In the first chapter of Revelation, we see Jesus giving the Apostle John the brilliant light of revelation on what His resurrection fully meant (Rev. 1:18). He now held the keys to death and the grave. This meant He had the authority over where men would spend eternity, and He could call their bodies up from the grave and transform them gloriously at His appearing (I Cor. 15:20-23). In His resurrection, ascension and glorification, He became the first fruits of a new order of a glorious and eternal spiritual race. What radiant light, what resurrection life He provides for those who love and serve the Son of Light!

Remember: In His life, death and resurrection, Jesus, the Son of Light, reveals the truths we need to live lives of clear purpose with hearts filled with a sure hope for an eternal future spent with Him.