For the last number of weeks, we have been bringing a series of messages entitled Born To Know. These messages are meant to help you understand that it is God’s desire to bring the light of knowing into every area of your life and to explain how you can access and appropriate this light of knowing. This is your birthright and divine blessing as a precious and primary part of your inheritance with all the saints in the light (Col. 1:3-14).

Divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding are yours in Christ Jesus. This trinity of revelation is fundamentally necessary for you to live in the light of God’s divine directives and direction. There is no reason for you to live in cloudiness or confusion when the brilliant light of clarity has been granted to you in Christ.

This week we are emphasizing the outcomes of being filled with divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding. These outcomes enable us to live fully and faithfully for the Lord we love. The will of God for us is that we function fully favored and fruitful, fully informed and increased, and fully empowered and enduring. We must not settle for less, for nothing less will do.

That You May Be Fully Favored and Fruitful | The Apostle Paul writes that one of the outcomes of being filled with divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding is that we can live a life that fully pleases the Lord, making us fruitful in every good work. This is a far cry from the common message in the modern church that we are just redeemed people stumbling and struggling our way through life. No, this is an amazing truth concerning our capacity to live transformed lives of triumph, revealing the Person and power of the resurrected and ascended Lord to the world. Fully favored by our Lord and fully fruitful in every good thing He has called us to—that is a life worth living. Let’s look up and live up to the position, power and privileges we have in Christ Jesus.

That You May Be Fully Informed and Increased | Paul additionally says that all believers can increasingly receive revelation concerning who God is and what His redemptive plans and purposes entail. God is always the God of information and increase. He is ever the God of unveiling and unfolding. The more you and I seek to know His Word, will and ways, the more He will reveal to us what He’s doing and how we can join Him in it. As we are informed and increased in knowing God and what He desires to do in our lives and the world, we can accurately and appropriately align ourselves with His kingdom agenda.

That You May Be Fully Empowered and Enduring | Paul writes that all believers are to live according to the power of the Holy Spirit and to bear the fruit of the character of Christ, which enables us to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. In Christ Jesus, by the power and life of the Holy Spirit, we can do all things and endure all things unto the completion of all things intended by God. The same glorious power that raised Christ from the dead is ours, given to overcome every obstacle and to seize every opportunity. We were born of God to be people who patiently persist in depending on God’s power every day and in every way. The Holy Spirit’s Person and power will grow in us and flow from us as we submit and surrender to His will and work.

Remember: Divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding will produce in and through us the fullness we need to live lives that are favored and fruitful, informed and increased, and empowered and enduring for the glory of God and the good of man.