We are continuing a series of messages entitled Born to Know. As we have been saying, these messages are meant to deeply encourage you concerning God’s desire to bring the light of knowing into every area of your life and to explain how you can access and appropriate this light of knowing. Again, this is your birthright and blessing as a precious and primary part of your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

This week we are again focusing on the transformational truth that we were born for a spiritual understanding that is fully developed, finely detailed and firmly discerning. We are called to possess a spiritual understanding that is proven, precise and perceptive. We are called to be a people of divine knowledge, divine wisdom and divine understanding who know God’s Word and will and ways deeply and manifest and minister them dynamically (Col. 1:3-14; 2:2-3).

Born for a Developed Spiritual Understanding (Proven) As we have explained, the words spiritual understanding are pneumatikossunesisin Greek, which have to do with a spiritual capacity to weave truth together for a holistic understanding of the Word, will and ways of God in every situation and every encounter. William Barclay, in his work New Testament Words, states “the word sunesisis the power of distinguishing between different courses of action, different value of things, different relationships between people. Sunesis is the ability to test and to distinguish and to critically evaluate and form sound judgments.” Spiritual understanding comes from being taught, led, counseled and prophetically directed by the Holy Spirit Himself. God wants to help us, by His Word and Spirit, to “put it all together” and “hold it all together” in a cohesive and comprehensive way.Spiritual understanding compares and connects rather than cuts away and compartmentalizes. Spiritual understanding helps us to think and live at all times according to the rule and the rules of our King, Jesus. We are called to possess a highly-developed spiritual understanding that gives us proven pathways for solid, spiritual progress.

Born for a Detailed Spiritual Understanding (Precise) Spiritual understanding is about knowing how one thing relates to another. This requires having a detailed and very precise spiritual intelligence. The language that the Apostle Paul uses with the Colossians is meant to help them realize that they can be supernaturally specific in determining how to respond to every experience and encounter. We have often stressed the need to be prophetically precise. Spiritual understanding enables us to do just that. It takes the broad brush of divine revelation and gives it a very fine and focused point. This, too, is a function of the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us every moment of every day.

Born for a Discerning Spiritual Understanding (Perceptive).We live in a day where most believers lack sound discernment. They simply don’t know how to discern and determine whether something is of God or not. The reason is clear: They do not know the Word of God and how to be led, moment by moment, by the Spirit of God. For it is the Spirit of God Who gives us and grows us in the spiritual understanding we so desperately need. But the remedy is also clear: daily delve into the depths of the Scriptures and submit and surrender to the supernatural sense that the Holy Spirit provides. It is much like a pilot trusting his instruments when flying a plane. They reveal to him what the altitude, direction, speed, etc., are regardless of how he may otherwise feel. The Word and the Spirit function as our spiritual instruments to lead and guide us in where we are, what is real and how to proceed in a proven, precise and perceptive manner.Proverbs 8:14 personifies wisdom in saying, “Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom; I am understanding; I have strength.”Of course the true Person that possesses understanding and discernment is God Himself. When we look to Him, the Source of divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding, we will never lack the light of knowing.

Remember: God wants to give us a spiritual understanding, born of and bestowed by the Holy Spirit, that is fully developed, finely detailed and firmly discerning. He wants to give us the ability to engage every experience and encounter with divine resources that are proven, precise and perceptive, granting us the light of knowing at all times.