“The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.” Proverbs 31:11

Would you trust you? Now, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it? Generally, most of us would answer, “Yes! Of course; I am a very trustworthy person.” One might even say things like, “If I’m told something in confidence, I’m like a vault,” or “If I commit to something, you can count on me to be there… and on time,” or, “I am a woman of my word.”

That said, does just one indiscretion render a person untrustworthy, even though they can be trusted in other areas? For instance, if someone told you, “I’m considered a very reliable sitter. I won’t steal from you, I’ll always be on time, and I’ve only lost one, maybe two, children in all my years of babysitting.” Well, I can say with some degree of certainty that the person who told you that would NOT be left alone with your children! However, when we do slip up (and we all have), we can go to the Father and confess our transgressions and be confident that He will forgive us, treating us as if we had never sinned (I John 1:9).

Trustworthiness isn’t something that can be possessed in degrees. “I’m mostly trustworthy” is an oxymoron. Trustworthiness is a result of one’s commitment to godly principles like speaking truth, living honorably, owning your mistakes, being a woman of integrity and dependability, and walking in spiritual maturity.

So how does this pertain to our text? Proverbs 31:11 says, “The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.” Wow, what a partnership, and what great reward! We know little of King Lemuel, whose mother’s wisdom is held in such esteem to this day. She was obviously describing qualities to look for in a wife to ensure her son’s greatest joy in marriage and greatest benefit in life. Think about this: “the HEART of her husband SAFELY trusts her”. In the Hebrew, according to the Blue Letter Bible lexicon, the word “heart” is used to describe the inner man, mind, will, heart and understanding. We can be a “safe harbor” for our husband’s innermost thoughts and emotions. He can be at peace knowing that his wife is trustworthy in all things and that she has both the home and business dealings well in hand when he is away. With those things in order, “He will have no lack of gain.” When we reject selfishness, fear and insecurities and realize that our Christ-centered marriage relationships are a covenant between two people, we are choosing to live in a covenant like the one Abraham had with God the Father. We can rest, knowing that there is no one who will love us more deeply, trust us more thoroughly, or defend us more vigorously than a spouse fully submitted to God.

Take hold of this powerful verse, put it into action today and you will be found trustworthy as you put your faith in the trustworthiness of an awesome God. As you grow in being a trustworthy woman, here are some resources I would suggest to encourage you:

1) Build relationship with an accountability partner/friend. This can be someone in your church family or circle of friends who is reliable and trustworthy and who can, with your permission, call into account those areas that you consider your weakest. Allow them to hold up a mirror to your life and show you the things that need the most improvement as well as encourage you when they see trustworthy behavior that you couldn’t see in yourself! With consistency comes the victory!

2) Read this helpful article called “Here’s How to Become a Trustworthy Person” by Rick Warren

3) Keep scripture before you! Frame a printable scripture and keep it in a place of your home that you frequent, such as on your bathroom sink. You’ll be encouraged with the truth of the Word every time you see it!

 By Beth Rhora

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