We are continuing a series of messages entitled Born To Know. These messages are meant to deeply encourage you concerning God’s desire to bring the light of knowing into every area of your life and to explain how you can access and appropriate this light of knowing. This is your birthright and blessing as a primary part of your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

This week we are focusing on the liberating truth that we were born for divine wisdom. And the way to receive and release this wisdom is to reach up to God for and with wisdom, reach in to one another for and with wisdom, and reach out to the world in and by wisdom. As we engage in each “wisdom reach,” we will receive the revelation we need to execute effectively the steadfast strategies of the Lord.

Reach Up for and With Wisdom (Seeking). As we have explained, the word wisdom in Greek is sophia, which has to do with clear insights, intelligence and skill in executing actions, plans and strategies based upon revealed knowledge. In Colossians 1:3-14, the passage we have been examining, the Apostle Paul is helping the Colossians to see that there is divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding to be received and released in carrying out the purposes and plans of God. This is true of us as well. We can be highly skilled in knowing what to do and how to do it. But we must reach up to God and seek Him for the divine wisdom we need. Our first “wisdom reach” is up to God the Father and Jesus the Son through the revealing Person, presence and power of the Holy Spirit. James in James 1:2-8 tells us that if anyone who lacks wisdom asks in faith and focus for a wealth of wisdom, he or she will receive it liberally and lavishly.

Reach In for and With Wisdom (Serving). Our second “wisdom reach” is in to one another—seeking to serve the people of God with the divine wisdom we possess and seeking to receive the divine wisdom possessed by others. James tells us that there is a wisdom from heaven that we are to embrace and express as the way of the Lord in advancing the agenda of the King and the kingdom (James 3:13-18). James tells us that this heavenly wisdom is marked by a humble-hearted devotion to do what is best for others, thus bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s work and wisdom in everything we do. Every time believers reach in to one another, there should be a divine exchange of the wealth of divine wisdom. The gathering place then becomes a growing place of revelation and direction.

Reach Out in and by Wisdom (Saving). Our third “wisdom reach” is out to the world. Colossians 4:2-6 tells us that we are to communicate and conduct ourselves in a way that is wise and winsome. We are to pray for open doors of opportunity with those who do not know Christ, to step through those doors with open hearts and open hands to love and serve, and then to open our mouths confidently and clearly with divinely wise words that win the day. If we are to effectively offer the saving work of Jesus, we must have divine wisdom on what to do and say and how to do and say. It is always the same mission, ministry and message, but it must be divinely tailored and tuned to the person, the place and the perspective.

Remember: When we reach up to God, in to one another, and out to the world for, with and by divine wisdom, we position ourselves for strong and strategic kingdom-advancing ministry.