This week, we are continuing a series of messages we began last week entitled Born to Know. These messages are meant to deeply encourage you concerning God’s desire to bring the light of knowing into every area of your life and to explain how you can access and appropriate this light of knowing.

Again, the focus of this series is to help you understand more fully that you were born again in Christ to live a life of compelling clarity and rich revelation. Divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding are yours as an amazing part of your divine inheritance in Christ Jesus.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Colosse to tell them that because they have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ, they have been born into God’s family, filled with God’s Spirit and become recipients for the rich revelation of divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding (Col. 1:3-14). They are no longer bound in darkness but are now bathed in light. They have been born into a new family and transferred into a new kingdom—the family of the Loving God and Father and the kingdom of the Beloved Son. In essence, Paul tells them that they were born to know—to know God’s person, purposes and plans in every area of their lives. This was their birthright, and it is ours as well.

This week we are focusing in particular on the liberating truth that we were born for divine knowledge. We were spiritually born from above to know God’s Word intimately, God’s will intricately and God’s ways increasingly as we go on and grow on in God’s grace, glory and goodness. Think of it: Everything we need to know we will know when we need to know it—today and for endless tomorrows.

Born to Know God’s Word Intimately. As we explained last week, the word knowledge in the Greek is epignosis, which means divinely revealed knowledge of God’s person, purposes and plans in a very prophetically-precise manner. It is knowledge upon and beyond mere human knowledge gained through education and experience. It is a knowing that only comes from the all-knowing God.

Paul tells the Colossians that when they believed the word of truth, it opened a door for them to receive and understand sound doctrine and live in the light of its truth deeply and dynamically. They were born of the Spirit in Christ Jesus to know the depths of God’s Word intimately. Having been transferred from darkness to light, they were now spiritually positioned for a detailed understanding of God’s truth and how to apply it personally and practically in their lives.

This is our precious possession as well. As we daily delve into the depths of God’s Word, we discover ever-increasing amounts of divine light for divine living. Receiving divine revelation from God’s Word is our birthright and blessing.

Born to Know God’s Will Intricately. Paul prayed for the Colossians that they would be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. Not an occasional sense but a full-bodied knowing of what God was calling them to. Paul told them that this full knowledge of God’s will would produce the capacity to walk worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in everything and being fruitful in every good work. How thrilling this must have been to them.

This is a thrilling revelation and reality for us as well. We can know God’s will fully and forcefully. We don’t have to wander and wonder. Instead, we can walk and work with the clearly-lighted sight of dynamic direction. Praise God!                                                                                                                                                                                  

Born to Know God’s Ways Increasingly. The more we know God’s Word and will for our lives, the more we will increasingly understand His ways. By His ways, we are referring to the way the King and the kingdom operates. By knowing how Father God and King Jesus think and act, we can grow in knowing more and more how we should think and act. Thinking, acting and living as partakers of Jesus’ kingdom rule in our lives is key in us living out our faith in heaven’s light and life. And here is some really good news: We have the Person and power of the Holy Spirit to reveal, remind and release the word, will and ways of God day-by-day in an ever-increasing fashion.

Remember: You were born to know the Word of God intimately, the will of God intricately and the ways of God increasingly as you seek Him every day and obey Him in every way.