We are beginning a new series of messages entitled Born to Know. These messages are meant to deeply encourage you concerning God’s desire to bring the light of knowing into every area of your life and to explain how you can access and appropriate this light of knowing.

We are all familiar with people saying, “I was born for this.” Well, the focus of this series will be to help you understand more fully that you were born again in Christ to live a life of compelling clarity and rich revelation. Divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding are yours as an amazing part of your divine inheritance in Christ Jesus.

The Apostle Paul writes to the believers at Colosse to let them know that everything they will ever need is found in Christ Jesus. He tells them that every treasure of knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding is found in the Father and the Son (Col. 3:2-3). He wants them to know that, because they have exercised saving faith in Christ Jesus, they have been born into God’s family, filled with God’s Spirit and have become recipients of the rich revelation of divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding (Col. 1:3-13). They are no longer bound in darkness but are now bathed in light. They have been born into a new family and transferred into a new kingdom—the family of the Loving God and Father and the kingdom of the Beloved Son, Jesus. In essence, Paul tells them that they were born to know—to know God’s person, purposes and plans in every area of their lives. This was their birthright, and it is ours as well.

Born for Knowledge (epignosis eh-pig’-no-sis) This word in Greek has to do with the divinely revealed knowledge of God’s person, purposes and plans in a very prophetically precise manner. It is knowledge upon and beyond mere human knowledge gained through education and experience. It is a knowing that can only come from the all-knowing God. This knowledge and knowing is our birthright and blessing from God’s heart to ours. Here is some really deep and dynamic news:  You can know God intimately and know God’s will intricately. What a tremendous and treasured truth this is for all of us.

Born for Wisdom (sophia – sof-ee’-ah) This word in Greek has to do with clear insight, intelligence and skill in executing plans and strategies based upon divinely revealed knowledge. Paul is helping the Colossians to see that there is divine knowledge for them to receive as people born into God’s family and divine wisdom to be received and released in carrying out the purposes and plans of God. This is true for us as well. We can be highly skilled in knowing what to do and how to do it. We were born to walk and work in the light of divine wisdom. We must not settle for anything less.

Born for Spiritual Understanding (pneumatikos sunesis – nyoo-mat-ik-os’soon’-es-is) These words in Greek have to do with a spiritual capacity to weave spiritual truth together for a holistic understanding of the what, how and why of God’s word, will and ways. The word sunesis is where we get our English word synthesis. By God’s grace to know, we are granted the ability to weave together a tapestry of truth, enabling us to live fully integrated Christian lives. Divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding are meant to serve as a trinity of revelation that leads us out of cloudiness and confusion and into clarity and conviction. You and I were born to live in the light of knowing how truths fit together, functionally and fully. Knowing how one spiritual thing relates to another in forming a clear and cogent strategy for missional living is an incredible gift of God’s grace.

Remember: As a person born to know, you have been granted the rich and revelatory inheritance of divine knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding, enabling you to live in the light and knowing of the Person, purposes and plans of God for your life in Christ Jesus.