This month, we have been proclaiming and explaining what the Holy Spirit has been proclaiming and explaining: that 2017 would be The Year of Light and The Year of Knowing—knowing God, knowing others, knowing ourselves, knowing the Word of God, knowing the voice of God and knowing the will of God as never before.

In our first week, we talked about the need to Look to the Light—the Person and Presence of light, the perfection and power of light and the purpose and path of light. The Person and Presence of light is Christ; the perfection and power of light brings clarity; the purpose and path of light points to calling. Looking to the light means that we give undistracted devotion and determination to focus on the radiant revelation that comes through Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

Next, we talked about the need to Love the Light—loving the Person of light, the product of light and the path of light. We are called to love the Person of light, which is the Lord of Light, Jesus; the product of light, which is clear and compelling revelation, providing proven processes that lead to a desired destination; and the path of light, which is the path that leads to knowing more and more the will and way of God for our lives. The more we love the light, the more our lives will be focused, fruitful, and full.

Next, we talked about the need to Live in the Light—committed to live in the light of divine revelation, committed to live in the light of divine righteousness and committed to live in the light of divine relationships. People who live in the light know God’s will clearly and fully, practice God’s righteousness purely and wholly, and relate to God’s people authentically and deeply.

This week, we are talking about the need to Light the Light—lighting the light of goodness, lighting the light of glory, and lighting the light of greatness. Jesus declares His followers to be the “light of the world,” and as such they are to “light their world” with the kind of clear and compelling living that reveals the great love and life of their God. And as a result of their good and gracious words and works, their God and Father will be glorified, believed on, and submitted to in worship and wonder (Matt. 5:14-16).

Light the Light of Goodness. Lighting the light of goodness has to do with sharing God’s good news in Christ Jesus and doing God’s good works for those in need. The good news is the gospel of salvation and forgiveness of sins through the sacrifice of the sinless Son, Jesus. The good works are the acts of love we do for others, which adorn and authenticate the authority of our message. We are to reflect the radiant light of God’s goodness broadly and brilliantly so that all can clearly see that our God is a good Father Who desires to meet mankind’s needs in abundance.

Light the Light of Glory. Lighting the light of glory has to do with presenting and representing God the Father and Jesus the Son in a truly authentic and awe-inspiring manner. Jesus taught that our light should shine in such a way that people see that who we are and what we are doing could only come from us being born of God the Father. Recognizing that, they will give Him the glory, honor and praise that He deserves. When we live our lives for the glory of God and the good of man, we present and represent God’s person and purpose authentically and accurately.

Lighting the Light of Greatness. Lighting the light of greatness has to do with shining and showing forth the greatness of God’s love and life in Christ Jesus with everyone we encounter. Our God had a great plan to redeem and reconcile the world to Himself. He accomplished that great plan through the greatness of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The greatness of His love and life accomplished the greatest work to meet mankind’s greatest need in the greatest way possible. We must release the light, love and life we have received so that the world might see and seek the way back to God.

Remember: When we go out and “light our world” with the goodness, glory and greatness of our gracious God, we point people to the Person Who has the power to save and secure by His love and life.